There was joy in Shanghai\’s heart, and he was immediately ready to wield his mighty power.

Harmful to a Supreme Lord…Lingxuanjian and others are stuck in their hearts. The Holy Master and the Supreme Holy Master are a whole level different, and the difference in strength between the two is also unusually large. Although they are teamed up, they can severely damage the Supreme Holy Master. Has surpassed the general holy master.This is troublesome…No wonder Yao Wuji and the others are full of confidence. It turns out that Yifeng\’s ability has surpassed what they know. This variable came too suddenly.boom……Suddenly there was a loud and loud noise from the secret room.Fight…There was a surprise in Yao Wuji\’s eyes. He just waited for this moment, even if he couldn\’t see it, he could guess it. In the large secret room, Shanghai was raged by the wing wind. It was inevitable that there was almost no force to fight back. In Shanghai, even if the top powerhouse of Human Shame meets Yifeng, there is no chance of winning.The hearts of Lingxuanjian and others suddenly tightened, and because they couldn\’t see it, they didn\’t have much in their hearts…Boom…The explosion of the secret chamber became stronger and stronger, and even the connection world began to shake violently.The battle has clearly begun to heat up.The hearts of Lingxuanjian and the others had already mentioned their throats, staring at the entrance of the big secret room and the trembling barrier without turning their eyes.As for Yao Wuji, his eyes were frequently on the spirit god\’s blood. He couldn\’t wait to end the battle quickly so that he could put the spirit god\’s blood into his hands.Boom boom boom…The divine might that erupted from the duel became more and more terrifying, and the hall above the big secret room was trembling violently. Cracks began to appear in the barrier, which was only the size of a hair, and gradually became the size of a thumb, spreading around like a spider web.Seeing the cracks in the barrier, everyone couldn\’t help taking a deep breath.Although this barrier is not the top-notch, it is also extremely strong. Even if the elders and others are cultivating inside, it rarely damages the barrier, but now in the battle between Shanghai and Yifeng, it has actually begun to shatter and cracks. It is still spreading.It can be foreseen that how terrifying the attack and killing power erupted from the fight between the two.The barrier is cracked…

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