I want to go and see, are you going? Shanghai turned back and asked. As for the previous grievances, he didn\’t care too much. After all, this kind of thing was related to his father\’s generation.

Shanghai didn\’t say much.Afterwards!Slightly processed some things, and took out a large amount of low-quality elixir and cultivation resources from the treasure house. These things are too low quality for the ancient Protoss branch, but for ordinary cultivators, they are absolutely necessary for cultivation. Things can be met but not sought.Of course, there are many gods, heaven and earth, these are extremely difficult to encounter in the four regions of the Great Wilderness, but there are many in the Middle Wilderness.But the demon god clan has accumulated for tens of thousands of years, and the treasures accumulated have reached an extremely considerable level.A crack was opened inadvertently at the barrier of Lingshen, and then a group of people swiftly flew away, with very little movement, and this group of people sent all the way to the south, one after another, bypassing many dangerous places, and it took a whole lot of money. In four months, it finally came to the edge of the middle famine.The sixteen people opened the concealed cross-domain teleportation array, which is a one-way teleportation array that can only go but not return. After opening it, it will take three years to restore the teleportation ability.As the teleportation array opened, the sixteen people turned into white light and disappeared completely.Bang!A mountain stream on the border of the Eastern Famine exploded.The three powerhouses at the pinnacle of Spiritual Saint\’s strength stared dumbly at the group of people who suddenly appeared in front of them, swallowed involuntarily in their throats, and then subconsciously released Spiritual Sense to sweep the group of people, but followed the Spiritual Sense to fall, three One just felt a sudden shock to the head.Can\’t see clearly…More than not being able to see clearly, it also shattered their spiritual consciousness, which made the three powerful men look as white as paper, sweating all over, and start all over again.At the end, the group of people didn\’t even look at the three of them, as if they were air, completely non-existent.This is the Eastern Wilderness? Ling Xuanbiao scanned the surroundings excitedly, \”Haha, I came to the Eastern Wilderness, brother, this is where you grew up? The vitality of heaven and earth is much thinner than imagined, no wonder The strength of the four realms of the Great Wilderness has never been able to rise.\”This is indeed the Eastern Famine. I don\’t know exactly where it is. Shanghai shook his head. The Eastern Wilderness area is not small, and he hasn\’t walked through many places, so naturally he doesn\’t know which area he teleported to.It doesn\’t matter if you don\’t know, these three guys in front of you are just right to ask. Ling Xuanbiao pointed to the three strong men. The latter had already had a blank brain and was sweating all over. His legs trembled after being pointed like this. , Almost frightened.Senior forgive me! The leader of the strong man hurriedly knelt down, and the other two knelt down when they saw this, kowtowing to beg for mercy.What is it called, shut up. Ling Xuanbiao shouted.Oh… The three strong men hurriedly shut their mouths.

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