However, his hands were not slow. He immediately released Ming Yuyan, swept out his fists and feet, showing his tyrannical physique. In the past, he didn’t use his physique because his physique was not as powerful as his might, so he was basically useless. Now that Shenwei is imprisoned, it can only be supported by physique.

This fellow Taoist belongs to the Wood World? Shanghai asked directly.Uh…yes…yes… The short thin man was taken aback for a moment, and nodded hurriedly.Wood world!It is the bottom one among the millions of small worlds. Unlike the other worlds, it is a world of trees. Everything is dominated by wood. The strong in the wood world naturally prefer the environment of the wood world. , Even the skin is emerald green.How can I sell this? Shanghai pointed to the crystal bottle.At this moment, Ming Yuyan followed, her beautiful eyes with doubts, but with her eyesight, she couldn\’t see what was in the crystal bottle.It’s no wonder that the blood of the gods is extremely difficult to find. Even in the ancient protoss, there are only a few branches that have such a drop or two, and they are all secretly stored. Even if Ming Yuyan has heard of it, he has never seen it. , Naturally difficult to recognize.Ten…ten high-grade gods. The short and thin man stuttered a little, and couldn\’t help lowering his head when he spoke, obviously because of his character.Ten high-grade god sources? Ming Yuyan was a little moved. The price is no longer generally high. Although they have just obtained fifty top-grade god sources, it will inevitably be painful if they spend ten at a time, not to mention her I don\’t know what this thing is yet.The price is a bit expensive, and we can\’t afford it. Why don\’t you take a look, how about we exchange goods? I wonder if this thing can be exchanged?While Shanghai was talking, he took out an amber crystal the size of a thumb from the ring of Tiangang, which contained some peculiar energy fluctuations.Seeing this blue stone, the short and thin man stared sharply.On the side, Ming Yuyan frowned slightly. She seemed to recognize what it was, but she couldn\’t be sure. She couldn\’t help but cast her gaze to Shanghai, \”This thing is…\”Wannian pine resin. Shanghai laughed.Wannian pine resin…Ming Yuyan\’s complexion became extremely weird. The pine resin is pine resin. What\’s more, pine resin can be seen everywhere in the middle famine. Some forests can pick up a lot of it. For ordinary people, it is used to face the face. Burning things, but the Protoss branch also uses some, especially during cultivation, it emits a unique fragrance after being lit, which can make people calm and calm the mind.This kind of thing, thrown in the great wilderness world, is like a stone that can be seen everywhere, and no one will take a second look at it.Shanghai actually exchanged ten top-grade god-origin items with this short and thin man? Isn\’t this just making fun of others? Are you planning to provoke trouble?But the next scene left Ming Yuyan astonished.But…you can…

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