After entering the city, they found that the capital was indeed much larger and more prosperous than the previous two cities. However, looking at the teams of soldiers passing through the streets from time to time, Jane Xi felt a little wrong.

Three hours have passed…The emptiness of the originally gloomy gods battlefield gradually turned white, and the portals full of arc and glow came into shape one after another.I\’m going back…Shanghai looked into the distance. He did not force the power to drink, but his consciousness was extremely clear, because his soul had already been transformed five times, and it was hard to get him drunk even with Xianniang, not to mention just some old wine. .At this time, Ming Yuyan\’s book of the gods suddenly turned out, and a series of special runes surrounded her, her body trembled suddenly, and the white jade wine glass in her hand fell out of her hand. It was smashed directly on the ground, and the flushed cheeks turned pale.The sound of the white jade wine glass falling off immediately attracted the attention of the others. At this moment, they had already woken up most of them. They noticed that Ming Yuyan\’s expression was not right, and hurried over.Miss Ming, what\’s the matter?Is there something wrong? When Shanghai noticed that the Book of Underworld suddenly turned out, he felt something wrong. Now Ming Yuyan\’s face changed suddenly, and his heart couldn\’t help sinking because the Book of Underworld had a special connection with the Great Wilderness. ability.There is news from my father…The hundreds of small worlds controlled by the True Underworld God Clan have gathered tens of thousands of powerful people. Under the leadership of the nine gods, they have moved towards the Quartet Holy Land… Ming Yuyan said in a deep voice. .Nine gods… Shanghai\’s expression suddenly changed.Before that, he had already learned the news from Ming Yuyan.Over the past ten years, hundreds of small world powerhouses ruled by the True Underworld God Clan have already cleaned up the entire middle famine, and countless forces have been eliminated. If it weren’t for the guardian saint beasts to take action, they would have saved the ancient Protoss and the rest of the three clans. In the case of the author, I am afraid that the famine has been completely cleaned up long ago.According to the news from Ming Yuyan’s father, there are only hundreds of thousands of powerful people left in the middle famine. Many of these people have been seriously injured after the last war. Even the guardian holy beasts of the four sides have suffered severe injuries. Retreating in the Quartet Holy Land, the defensive inherited from the past breathed!The True Nether God Race actually made another move, and still aggressively attacked at this time… Obviously, it was for the so-called treasure in his body.Nine gods, ten million strong…I\’m afraid it will be difficult for the Quartet to protect the Holy Land for too long.True God Race… Divine Law… Shanghai\’s eyes flashed coldly. The previous account will be settled sooner or later, and now we must rush back as soon as possible, otherwise grandpa, eldest brother and others will definitely die. He also knows that this may be a god. The trap set by the law is to deliberately lead him to the bait, but does he have a choice? There is no choice but to return to the Great Wilderness World.Shanghai, what shall we do? Ming Yuyan was worried.What else can I do, rush back to meet Grandpa and the others, and then find a way to survive this crisis… Shanghai said.

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