Jane Xi\’s thinking has become more and more divergent. When she left before, so many innocent people were buried in the volcanic avalanche. Most of them have never done anything bad. What did they do wrong, from the old man of * 10 to the baby who just came to the world? But swallowed up by the end of the world.

Call them all, I\’ll rush over immediately.Hurry up now, will it be too late…I have to go late. In any case, try to keep Shanghai and others. Tai Xun resolutely ordered. This is his first bet in his life. He placed all on Shanghai, so Shanghai can\’t die, he must live.Huh…More than sixty strong people, all gathered.Tai Xun led the people to directly open the teleportation array and hurried away.at the same time!Outside the cave!Some of the strong men who bought the strong body and wild patterns left one after another, and the cave mansion returned to a deserted situation again, and Withered Wood and others cleaned up a bit.Brother Lin didn\’t come out today? Shengmu couldn\’t help asking as he walked over.No. Withered Mu and others shook their heads.Yeah! I just happened to have something to do with Brother Lin, so let\’s go and take a look. Shengmu finished speaking, and returned to the residence where Shanghai was located.Shengmu didn\’t speak in a hurry, but instead let out his perception and probed it a bit. This was to avoid disturbing the refining in Shanghai. As the perception penetrated, his expression changed slightly.Brother Lin?Shengmu yelled and didn\’t see an answer for a long time. After hesitating for a while, he stepped into the residence in Shanghai, only to find that there was no one in the residence.Where did Brother Lin go?Shengmu\’s face was puzzled. Since arriving at the Dongfu, Shanghai has basically never left. Even if he wants to go out, he will tell them. It is rare that there will be scenes of running away silently. Just as he frowned, suddenly I noticed a jade slip on the ground.Immediately, Shengmu picked up the jade slip and threw himself into it.Brother Shengmu, please tell Ningxue to the trouble. I have something to go out. I may come back later. It is about some opportunities in the Divine Bone Palace. If I leave the blood platform of the gods and I have not returned, you should leave first. Go, rest assured, I won\’t be in any danger, I will come to you then and stay in Shanghai.Withdrawing his mind, Shengmu frowned.

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