There were enough materials left for one alchemy. Jianxi didn\’t intend to waste them, so he had enough rest to continue, so the refining of the last furnace began again.

Dead wood!Under the realm of the gods of the gods, fellow daoists are setting up barriers here, but for what? Shenyu couldn\’t help asking.For what…Sen Ye\’s brow furrowed deeper. Isn\’t it obvious, just to block them, is it possible that Shenyu and others don\’t know their origin?But Yilan’s beautiful eyes were slightly bright, and he quickly transmitted the sound to Withered Wood: “Tell them that there is an enemy here hiding in the lone mountain. take.\”Hearing this sentence, Withered Wood and the others suddenly understood what Yilan meant. Obviously this Shenyu didn\’t know their purpose of coming here, coupled with enchantment defense, and gathered more than 600 strong people. That\’s why I came to ask.They erected their defenses in order to resist Shenyu and others, and buy more time for Shanghai. Since the opponent did not directly attack, but came to check for news, they should simply conceal the opponent first and delay for a while. Procrastinate for a while.Moreover, Shengmu had already sent someone on the way, and the longer the time was delayed, the better it would be for them and the less loss it would have.I have an enemy hiding in the lonely mountain. This person killed one of my dear brothers. In order to capture this person, I have been looking for him for a long time. I rushed to this place from the sky wind and finally found his whereabouts. Besieged it here, just waiting to capture it, in order to avenge my dear brothers. Withered Wood said loudly.It turns out that the inferior people also have great enmity with the people in this lone mountain. It seems that our purpose is the same as yours. This person has taken the treasure of my brother. This thing is passed down from within the clan. People can be handed over to you to kill, but that precious treasure, I hope the Taoist friends will return it… Shenyu said.This matter…can be discussed. Withered Wood nodded.Thank you very much, then.Shenyu smiled slightly, and originally planned to spend some words, but he didn\’t expect the other party to talk so well, so he immediately turned back and went agreed. Shenyu smiled.agreed?Shenhai furrowed his brows, staring at the dead wood and the others below, \”So simply agree, these people absolutely have a problem…\”A problem? Shenyu was startled.Just ask, will you hand over the treasure you are about to get to others? Just with a word? Shenhai smiled coldly.Perhaps they are afraid of us…

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