Just now, shangguanbo took out a mustard house and put it on the grass. In an instant, it became a beautiful small building. This mustard house has some defense ability. It\’s convenient to carry it when you go out, but ordinary monks can\’t afford it. In addition, this brilliant room is also very conspicuous. In order to avoid trouble, ordinary people rarely use it, but, These people camped on the plain with Jane Xi, and it was impossible for everyone to live on the ground. Looking at Jane Xi, it was like living, cooking and playing, so Shangguan Po also took out this mustard house he didn\’t often use, which made Hua linger and Gao Shuang\’s vanity unprecedented satisfied, but gratified, It was also fixed at the moment when Jane Xi opened the array.

In addition, the twenty-odd cultivators have found a place to sit cross-legged, looking at the place where they are surrounded. Unlike the disciples and deacons of Ancient Xuanzong, these cultivators are full of excitement. Among them is the Taishi god pattern.Shanghai, let\’s go over there. Sen Luo pointed to one place.Yeah! Shanghai nodded.It\’s you again…A cold and arrogant woman\’s voice came, and among the people sitting cross-legged, a beautiful girl stood up, but her lips were rather thin, plus her long and narrow face, she felt a bit sour and mean. , This girl is not someone else, but Ning Yu.Shanghai frowned, and Sen Luo\’s face suddenly sank. After a glance, he was about to withdraw his gaze.I really don\’t know how you got here, so you can come here. Ning Yu said unrelentingly, his head held high, and he was wearing brand-new ancient Xuanzong outer disciple costumes.Ugly monsters, are you enough? Sen Luo stared.What did you say? You said I was an ugly monster, you… Ning Yu was so angry that she was about to draw out her whip, and suddenly she cast multiple eyes. Feeling the pressure, she stopped her hand and stared fiercely. Sen Luo, \”You wait, today\’s hatred, I Ning Yu will definitely repay… You better pray, don\’t fall into my hands.\”Shanghai frowned deeper. Although there was a misunderstanding before, it was just a trivial matter, so I didn\’t bother to care about it. However, Ning Yu didn\’t care about it. Sen Luo just said a word, and it rose to hatred.What\’s the matter? A deep voice came, and three disciples of the inner sect of Ancient Xuanzong came over.Why is Junior Sister Ning so angry?Who is angry about you? The three inner disciples of Ancient Xuanzong couldn\’t help but said.The three brothers are these two. They scolded me for being ugly, and they threatened to give me some color to see… With support, Ning Yu hurriedly pointed to the Shanghai two, looking extremely aggrieved.Fart, I just scolded you one sentence, when did I say another sentence? Sen Luo was furious, this woman was so vicious.Two, no matter who is right or wrong in this matter, you provoke Junior Sister Ning and apologize to her. The Nei Zong disciple in the lead said loudly.Apologize to her? Dreaming. Sen Luo Nai is a person who eats hard but not soft, how can he apologize.You\’d better apologize, lest you get into trouble in time.A disciple of the inner sect couldn\’t help but said through voice transmission: \”Sister Ning is the younger sister of Junior Brother Ning Xuan, and Junior Brother Ning Xuan is the sword of the sky, and he will surely become the core disciple of the sect. This also avoids trouble.\”Chapter 1171

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