\”Ah! The problem is no, but you don\’t know. In our low-level mainland, the most successful Dan master is only Dan Yunzi of xuantianzong certified by Tonghua mainland Dan master Association. He is a level 6 alchemy master. In other words, the most powerful Dan master in our low-level mainland is level 6 Dan master. Master Dan Yunzi is said to be more than 900 years old, but Jian Xi, You are only 23 years old! \”Shangguanbo said so much in a breath.

As the imprints continued to condense, the old monster surnamed Fan opened his eyes and pointed casually, \”Go!\”呲呲…The imprints of light, the six immortal flowers that were shot towards, the six immortal flowers that were still in the bud, suddenly began to move, and then the buds opened quickly, and a solemn face appeared, and this face was full. With the supreme majesty, like a god, looking down below.It\’s a divine way… Gongsun Hai\’s expression changed.boom!Eight rays of light spewed out of the six fairy flowers, each containing a special imprint, as the rays of light hit the ground, the ground throbbed and trembled, and the eight rays of light quickly condensed into silhouettes of people. Seeing these The faces of the figures, Nantian Boss and others became extremely weird.Because the appearance of the eight human figures, no matter their facial features, or their expressions, are exactly the same as those of the Nantian Boss and the others, and the power aura contained in these shadows is not much different from that of the Nantian Boss and the others.How could this be… An old monster\’s face changed drastically.What\’s so strange? The Six Immortal Flowers are wonders in the world, possessing the mystery of the Six Paths. To open this entrance, you must experience the test of the Six Immortals. Gongsun Hai said solemnly.Is there no way to get rid of it? another old monster asked.removal?The old man Nan Tian smiled coldly, \”Since ancient times, the six fairy flowers have never been held by anyone. They are the ultimate in ancient books. This thing is said to be made of a trace of the immortal element of the\’immortal\’, and contains the endless mystery of the world. The thing is located here, and it must have been rooted in the forbidden area. If you can subvert the entire forbidden area, maybe you can get rid of it.\”Subvert the entire forbidden area… The old monster blushed and said nothing more.Don\’t talk nonsense, solve these eight gods as soon as possible. Gongsun Hai said.Immediately!The seven bosses killed the seven gods, and the Nantian boss naturally matched himself with the gods.Boom boom boom…The two bombarded each other.Shanghai was shocked to discover that the strength of these seven sacred things was no less than that of the seven bosses. Even the sacred thing that rivals the Nantian boss is not weak at all, and possesses the ability of a god general. , Under the rush of the two, the aftermath of power erupted, and even the world was completely shaken.Time is passing!

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