Jian Xi realized this more or less. She was really grateful for Qi Jiehan Xing\’s conversation tonight. She just wanted to go to more places, improve her strength and find relatives. Qi Jiehan Xing also said that the aura of the intermediate continent was much stronger than that of the lower continent, and the natural materials and land treasures were not comparable to that of the lower continent, High level miraculous herb is very rare. It\’s very difficult to refine more than six pills with Qi Ling medicinal materials, because the corresponding miraculous medicinal materials are too difficult to find.

Give me your hand, hurry up! Shanghai shouted.The Duke Sanming quickly reacted, and suddenly felt the strong physical strength emerging from the Shanghai body. It was like a drowning man who had caught the straw. It was not that they were unbearable, but the horror of the impact of the world, they could still Don\’t want to die.Boom…Just like a huge mountain hitting the earth, Shanghai is holding on to the two of them, trying their best to urge the ancient demon\’s Eucharist, and their physical strength has been exerted to the extreme. Although the speed is only about 6,000 times the boundary speed, for them, there is at least that. A chance of survival.I remember there was a teleportation array a million miles ahead, but now the time is too rushed, we can only see our fate if we can get there… Shanghai Shen Sheng said.Boy Lin, as long as I don\’t die, after killing the Nantian Boss, my life will be yours. Dugu gritted his teeth.What\’s the use of I want your life? Shanghai snorted. Although he was talking, his speed has not slowed down, but has been getting faster and faster. It is almost 7,000 times faster than the limit. This is purely based on physical fitness. He did not use any magical skills when he was urged by the power, and he couldn\’t use the magical powers in the same way when the magical powers were disordered.Seven thousand times the speed of the world is indeed fast enough, but this is not enough. Shanghai can still feel the falling speed of the flame world is getting faster and faster, and the scalp is suddenly numb.How terrifying is the impact of a small world. Even if the king is here, he may not dare to say that he can stop it. No matter how fast Shanghai and others are, they can only run for nearly a million miles. As far as the entire flame world is concerned, it is hardly worth mentioning.Not enough, not enough…Shanghai frantically urged the Ancient Demon\’s Eucharist, and the endless physique was instilled, which made his speed continue to accelerate.The teleportation array a million miles away was getting closer, and the expressions of the three people in Shanghai were tense.It\’s almost too soon.Boom…The flame world slammed down, and the earth seemed to be lifted. The terrifying remaining power slammed into the back of Shanghai, with a crackling sound. The bones on the back were almost shattered, and even the flesh and blood were crushed. The mud.Quickly… Shanghai gritted his teeth and threw the two of them towards the teleportation formation. After they were gone, their feet stomped heavily on the ground, exhausted all their strength, and rushed towards the teleportation formation. The result depends only on luck.The strong wind blew violently behind, I saw that the smashed flame world crushed countless ancient relics and pressed them towards the back of Shanghai. The distance between the two was only less than 30 feet, and the heart of Shanghai was tense. Extreme, but he couldn\’t borrow any more, he could only grit his teeth.Patter…The moment the hand touched the teleportation formation, Shanghai\’s gaze showed a hint of joy, and then it turned into white light and completely disappeared.Right there

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