In this way, after reading the jade slips provided by Dan Shigong Association, Jian Xi also roughly understood the assessment process of Dan Shigong. Next, she waited for the arrangement of Dan Shigong Association. The assessment was not available every day, but on the first day of each month. It was not a coincidence that Jane came. The last assessment was less than 10 days, and she had to wait for more than 20 days, But there\’s no way. Just wait. There shouldn\’t be any danger here anyway. Jane Xi comforted herself. At this time, she didn\’t realize that several families had begun to go crazy for her.

Although it was just a simple action that fell on the bottom of Shanghai\’s eyes, it was full of dignified power, as if in an instant, the entire world had shrunk, and all was drawn to the tip of the ancient spear, even oneself was no exception. It\’s just this type of gaining momentum.At that moment, endless painful figures appeared in Shanghai\’s vision. These people were constantly being swallowed by a huge mouth. The flesh, power, and origin of their bodies were all absorbed completely, without exception.Feeling this type of change, Shanghai\’s face suddenly changed. The strength of this spear was far more terrifying than imagined, and the power of this type of attack has far surpassed the dual reincarnation skill, even if it is added. The seventh style of Shang Taishi is also hard to match.Killing skills…Shanghai is constantly operating to resist, but no matter how to resist, it is difficult to break away from this type of power. Watching the spear\’s continuous enlargement, a strong sense of crisis arises spontaneously. Once the spear\’s tip completely fills the entire eye, then it is The moment he was killed.To gain momentum… To gain momentum…At the juncture, a hint of inexplicable sentiment emerged from the bottom of Shanghai\’s heart, and this sentiment touched him to a key point. There seemed to be a sign of a breakthrough, but it was not very obvious. I looked at it blankly. At the tip of the spear…Just as the tip of the spear was about to completely fill his eyes, Shanghai closed his eyes abruptly, and the Thunder Spear in his hand shook slightly. Although it was just an ordinary move, it was full of weight to the extreme…Chapter 1356 News of the Tianchen Allianceboom!Shanghai closed his eyes and swung out a spear. It was just a simple blow, but under this spear, the whole world disappeared completely. The eighth style-Destroy the sky, is full of terrifying destruction, the first seven The majesty of the style, even if added together, cannot be compared with this style.Wow…The extremely solid clothes burst into pieces, because the power of this style was too terrifying, so that the special robes of the Qiantian Temple could not be resisted. With the wave, Shanghai\’s blood spurted all over his body. The green veins are exposed.All the supernatural powers were all drawn out.A blow full of the power of ruining the sky, it was placed on the tip of the spear opposite, and at the moment it touched it, the advantages of the imperial weapon were undoubtedly obvious.Bang!The opponent’s bronze spear exploded, and the Thunder God Spear drew directly on Jian Spear’s body, and there was a loud and earth-shattering noise. The whole person was like a meteorite flying at high speed in the sky, and it slammed into the earth for hundreds of miles. In addition, it knocked the ground out of a huge pit.One blow is exhausted…When Shanghai\’s knowledge of the sea moves, the Swire Demon Seal appearsThen, the power of twelve thousand envoys instilled the whole body, and his spirit glanced at the distance, Jian Spear was not dead, he could be sure, but at this moment it is impossible to chase the opponent, because there are hundreds of masters of the slave clan. Has been swept over.

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