\”Oh, that\’s a lot faster,\” Jane Xi just woke up.

Doudian has gathered a large number of strong men, and many strong men are coming from everywhere after hearing the news.The Doudian is specially set up in the Qiantian Temple. It is mainly used by the strong in the temple to discuss and resolve contradictions. After all, there are too many strong ones, and there will inevitably be some friction. The rest of the temple is not allowed to fight, so If the strong want to solve the problem with strength, they come to Fight Hall.The rules of Doudian are very simple. As long as one of them is willing to admit defeat, the battle can be ended.The center of the bucket hall!Feng Fuyun and Shanghai are at the corners of each other, and the barrier is slowly opening. The barrier defense of this Doudian is extremely tough, even if the god king takes a shot, it may not be able to blast it through, so the strong fight no matter what. It is very difficult to destroy the Doudian.Many powerful people have gathered here, and even some characters that haven\’t appeared for a long time have also appeared in the Doudian one by one.Located at the southern edge of the stands, two men and a woman are staring down. The three people stand in the corner, as if they don’t have any breath. If you don’t pay attention to them, it’s hard to detect them, and the bodies of these three people The overflowing breath of power is extremely terrifying.All three of them are among the top twenty characters on the Tianqi List.The wind is so confident and full of confidence, it should be a victory. A sturdy man with a large body covered with flame patterns crossed his hands and said in a deep voice.He occupies such a big advantage, and the realm is higher than this guy who reverses the black prison. If he doesn\’t win, it doesn\’t make sense.However, I think this guy who reverses the black prison may win. One of the women said slightly.Even if he can reverse the black prison, he hasn\’t grown up now. The guy who reversed the black prison ten years ago was not only in the top 50 of the sky at the time. Potential does not mean that he has strength. Reversing the black prison certainly requires strength, but Luck occupies a large part. Another strong person analyzed.It\’s reasonable, but the guy who reversed the black prison also has a chance. Feng refused to be a little arrogant, it depends on how to play, but what I can foresee is that Feng refused to be able to stand till the end. A soft voice When it came, only a handsome man in white clothes slowly walked over. Seeing this man, two men and one woman were slightly startled.Why is he here too…This person is called Yun Po, and he is the tenth strongest in the Tianqi ranking. Although there is only a few places behind them, the difference in strength between the two is not small. With the walking of Yun Po, the three of them His heart sank slightly, and there was an inexplicable feeling of palpitations.The realm is the same, but the gap will be so big, which makes the three people feel quite savage, but this is also no way. The top ten guys in the sky are too terrible. So far, except for the reversal black ten years ago. No one other than the guy in the prison was able to shake the top ten position from the back.In other words, the position of the top ten has not changed much since the time when the Tianqiang List appeared in the Temple of Dry Heaven. Squeeze into tenth.It can be seen how big the gap between the two is.At this time!The noise gradually stopped, the barrier was almost completely covered, and the electric light generated by the two people on the field became more intense as they looked at each other.

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