After Jianxi took it, she came to a stone platform with the medicinal materials she had taken before. With a wave of her jade hand, the Dan stove that had been put there was moved to one side of the ground. Jianxi took out the Dan stove she had taken from the \”multiple doors\”. Compared with the chaos stove, this Dan stove was not a little bit worse, but it was much better than the one she had just moved, With her more and more alchemy, the Dan furnace in her hand is now as white as jade. Coupled with the beautiful and mysterious patterns on the surface, it looks really tall, and Jane Xi can use it easily. Generally, she basically uses the Dan furnace she calls white jade furnace for alchemy outside.

Feeling Shanghai\’s concern, Mu Ningxue felt warm in her heart and shook her head, \”No, I just feel that it can\’t be turned out.\”Hearing this, Shanghai breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that what would happen if the first emperor seal was integrated into Mu Ningxue\’s body. Although the Thunder Emperor Seal was there, he didn\’t integrate it, which he could feel.What exactly is going on?Looking at Mu Ningxue again, she was also at a loss. Obviously, she didn\’t know why the First Emperor Seal would blend into her body. Shanghai knew that it would be useless to ask her again.The inability to transform it means that the first emperor seal can only be owned by Mu Ningxue.At this time, Mu Ningxue\’s expression was embarrassed, Liu\’s brows were tightly furrowed, and his delicate facial features gave people a sense of pity that couldn\’t bear to hurt.What\’s wrong?Big Brother Luo Yue doesn\’t believe it. It must be Brother Hao that you deliberately asked me to say this, and said that this first emperor seal is of great importance and must not fall into the hands of others at will. I have to hand it over. It\’s hard to imagine. Mu Ningxue\’s expression looked a little low, and it was obvious that Luo Yue\’s tone of voice transmission had become a lot heavier just now.Upon hearing this, Shanghai\’s face sank.You don\’t care about him, I\’ll talk to him. After Shanghai finished speaking, his perception came through, and he instantly touched the first futon.Luo Yue also felt the perception of Shanghai, and directly transmitted her voice: \”I don\’t want to talk nonsense to you. You have to hand over this first emperor seal.\”Didn\’t you hear Ningxue say that the First Emperor Seal has been integrated with her? Shanghai said in a deep voice.Meld with her? A joke, do you really think I am a three-year-old kid fooling? The emperor\’s seal is made by the god emperor, and everything is difficult to blend. Only the god emperor can integrate the emperor seal into the body. Luo Yue sneered and said, \”You can fool the others. Don\’t try to fool me with these words.\”So, do you have to ask for the emperor seal?certainly!What if I say no? Shanghai said solemnly.No? Luo Yue said quietly: \”Then you should be prepared for death.\”You said you like Ningxue too, but you never seem to care how she feels. Shanghai said in a deep voice.How does she feel? You think too much, I like her, but how does she feel, that is her own business, what does it have to do with me? Woman, what use can you do without being conquered by a man? Put your heart on her, that’s your business. I only care about the result. I could have made her my woman, but I was thinking to see if I could capture her heart. Unfortunately, your existence, her heart I have never been able to have me. In that case, why should I bother, the person who owns her is enough. As for her heart, it doesn\’t matter. Luo Yue said slowly, her tone extremely flat.Ha ha……

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