At this time, Jane Xi was subconsciously stopped by the two monks at the gate of the Danshi tower.

Ugh……The Six Profound God Venerable sighed, glanced at Bi Yuelan, and said slightly, \”Yuelan, you are too simple to think. Although this kid in Shanghai is superb, he has already understood the seven reincarnation skills, waiting for me. It seems that it is indeed not much worse than the three minor leagues, but…\”But what? Bi Yuelan asked subconsciously, even Mu Ningxue cast a look.But his background is too shallow. You don’t understand the Fallen League, so you don’t know how strong the Fallen League is. Even if the four imperial palaces add up, they are only about the same as the Fallen League. The three little leagues are It is the leader of the young powerhouses who have stood out from the countless powerhouses. I won\’t say anything about their qualifications. They are not much worse than the successors of the four imperial palaces, or even stronger.The Six Profound God Venerable paused. Although he didn\’t want to attack Bi Yuelan, this was a fact. Rather than wait to face it, it was better to remind her first so that she would also be psychologically prepared.As for inheritance and ability, the three young leagues have the first of all the strong. said the Six Profound God Venerable.Even if this is the case, Hao will not be inferior to them. The three young leagues have the huge background and abundant resources of the Perish League, and Hao has grown up step by step on his own. Over the years, he has faced strengths. People, all are far beyond themselves. Bi Yuelan said unwillingly.Facing someone far beyond oneself… Six Profound God Venerable shook his head slightly.Master, I know you have a little bit of prejudice against him… Bi Yuelan hesitated, gritted her teeth, and said what was hidden in her heart.bias?The Six Profound God Venerable was taken aback and glanced at Shanghai on the road against the sky, \”Yes, I do have a prejudice against him, but this prejudice will not affect my judgment on the outcome of him and the three young leagues. You don\’t know the growth history of these three young leagues, so you don\’t know how terrible they are. It can be said that these three have grown up through countless lives and deaths.\”Experienced countless lives and deaths? They are the young alliance of the Perish League, how could they have experienced countless lives and deaths… Bi Yuelan asked in surprise.What about the Shaomeng? It will also have to go through the most cruel test. You don\’t know that in order to select the best successor, the Shenmeng not only cost unimaginable manpower and material resources, but also paid a great price. Among them, nearly 10% of the strong players in the entire league have been compromised.The Six Profound God Venerable said: \”There were 10,000 young alliance candidates in the past. These ten thousand people were thrown into a terrible secret realm. Not only would they suffer all kinds of dangers in the secret realm, but also the entire alliance. 10% of the strong are chasing wildly, and there are 30 peak god kings participating in it.\”Hearing that, even Liao Baishu\’s expressions have changed. Although they are the pinnacle god kings, they have never heard of this. Nearly 10% of the strong, how many are these? There are hundreds of billions of powerhouses in the entire Lost Gods League, and 10% is equivalent to a billion…One billion powerhouses, even if they are only at the level of gods, such a huge number, even the peak god king will temporarily retreat when they see it, and they will be chased by the billion powerhouses, and there are 30 peak god kings involved. This is What a cruel scene, if you are in the big area, you still have a chance to escape, but if you are in the secret territory, the scope is quite limited.Just thinking about it makes people horrible. Who can stop the one billion powerhouses and 30 peak god kings from chasing after them, except for the gods, who can survive?Bi Yuelan and Mu Ningxue’s pretty faces paled. They could fully imagine that kind of scene. They knew the experience of Shanghai, and they knew that Shanghai’s past experience was far worse than it, whether it was dangerous or cruel. The degree is too different.This is a secret within the alliance, and only the elders are qualified to know it. Seeing Liao Baishu and the two cast their eyes, Liuxuan Shenzun added.What about after? Liao Baishu couldn\’t help asking.

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