\”Xiao, now you come into Xiyuan territory, I have something to do.\” Jane Xi walked to the house. Hearing the sound of Xiao, she stood up quietly and jumped several times, but she had also entered the house.

Ninety-nine thousand and ninety-nine million drops… it\’s only ten thousand drops… Killing Ye Lan actually allowed me to add more than 40,000 drops of the ancient demon bloodline. As expected, the stronger the gods and demons, they can transform after demon refining. The more ancient demon blood… Shanghai Xin said.It’s just the last 10,000 drops. As long as it reaches one million drops, oneself can absorb the star core in the sky, re-emergence, and become a true ancient demon. With one\’s own realm, it should be comparable to the gods. , Even if he faced Ye Lan again, he would still have the power to fight.Ten thousand drops…Shanghai looked at the six deputy city masters who were fighting against the two of Qingxue.Ye Lan was exterminated and shook all the Primordial Gods and Demons and the strong in Ye Lan City. The six deputy city owners were even more shocked, because the one who killed Ye Lan would be a descendant of the Seventh World Venerable. The reason for Lan underestimating the enemy is inside, but being able to do this is already amazing.This is enough to show that the silver-haired young man in front of him possesses the terrifying ability that is enough to threaten the top-level gods and demons.Ye Lan is dead, the biggest reliance is gone, and Shanghai is still intact, plus the two of Qingxue, and an unfathomable Xuantian, the six deputy city lords suddenly no longer have the idea of ​​fighting again, and immediately While dealing with the two of Qingxue, the six quickly got away.Seeing that the six sub-city chiefs escaped, Xuantian made a move and grabbed it with one hand. The entire Night Demon City was completely shrouded in it. The dead wood-like hand contained a heart-stuck vigor. Another kind of power that is understood in the inheritance of, this kind of power is similar to the vital power, but it is completely different. This is the power of life that represents everything.This kind of power is the ultimate power of the vast sky, only the god emperor can comprehend it.In the face of this force, the six deputy city masters shot one after another, trying to shake the giant hand away so that they could leave the place, but no matter how they shot, they couldn’t shake it open, and they could only watch the giant hand fall. Down, suddenlyDesperate on his face.With five fingers together, the six deputy city masters were pinched in the palm of their hands.Pause!All the dust settled.Shanghai did not kill these six deputy city masters, because it was useless to kill them. Demon Refining can only be used in battle. If it is used to kill opponents who have lost the ability to resist, even if it is a god emperor, it will not increase. A trace of ancient magic blood.Now his own ancient magic blood has reached nine hundred and ninety thousand drops, and Shanghai is not in a hurry. These ten thousand drops can be condensed at any time.Xuantian made a move and directly overwhelmed the six deputy city masters. This hand made Qingxue\’s heart tremble. Although they knew that Xuantian\’s strength was terrifying, they couldn\’t predict how far it would be. Their ability has surpassed their cognition.The city lord Ye Lan fell, and the six deputy city lords were captured. The 30 million troops in Ye Demon City suddenly lost their heads. Although these armies had already been assembled, no one dared to take action. Even the city lord was dead. What is it for?Shanghai gave Qingxue the matter of closing the Night Demon City, and he rushed into the city lord’s mansion of the Night Demon City, and stepped directly into the treasure house. There are many treasures in it, but more of them are rare. These materials piled up into a mountain, more than ten times more than the Blood Demon City and the Suffering Demon City combined, and in this, Shanghai also found a lot of starry sky treasures.These materials just make up for my losses…

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