\”Second young master, I\” Liu Zhou didn\’t wait to say. When he saw the green Dan stove on Jian Xi\’s collar, Jian Xi had been the first to export, and this word still contained spiritual power.

A roar came from the passage, and then a dense sound came from the passage. Only six monster slaves with huge bodies and a lavender crystal on their foreheads rushed out, followed by hundreds of sturdy people behind. Demon slave.Elite demon slaves, as well as intermediate demon slaves… Gong Zidan\’s faces were pale.Among the demon slaves, although they are divided into low, medium and high levels, this is only a rough distinction. If it is divided in detail, there is another type of demon slave between the low and the middle level, that is, the demon slave elite. These demon slaves are weaker than the middle-level demon slaves, but their strength is far superior to the low-level demon slaves.And this kind of transformation of demon slaves is usually the result of the transformation of powerful people whose strengths looted by demon have reached the peak of the gods.You know, the stronger the creature, the lower the chance of demonization.It’s not bad for a hundred people above the realm of God Kings to be able to demonize successfully, and it also requires a complete body, a living strong, but in the middle of a war, even if the average strong is caught alive, it’s already long. Severely injured, there are very few complete powerhouses.So that the demon slaves are extremely rare, but this type of demon slaves is quite terrifying, even if it is the two brothers of Gongzidan, facing ten such demon slaves, they are not sure of victory, not to mention there are three others. An intermediate demon slave.fool……The high-level demon slaves roared, staring at the group of demon slaves who came forward. His waist was slightly bent, his hands were raised, and his fingers were like sharp claws.It seemed that they were frightened by the high-level demon slaves, this group of demon slaves stopped immediately, and the three intermediate demon slaves roared again and again, but they did not dare to act rashly, because the high-level demon slaves brought them great oppression. force.call out……The senior demon slave made a move.The pupil of Shanghai shrank suddenly, the eye of the sky was completely opened, and the pupil of the whole eye turned into a crystal-like color, as if he could perceive everything in the world, but in his field of vision, everything was completely different, only the high-level demon The slave shuttled into those demon slave elites.Ten fingers swept across, Like an extremely sharp weapon of the gods, it cut through a large number of monster slaves in a flash, and Shanghai felt the previous power from above. That original power, the high-level monster slaves were only transported out of it. But this force seemed to suppress demon slaves by nature.The power of the demon slave elite was completely destroyed by this primitive power, and it was impossible to bring any defense at all.I saw a large number of fragments burst out, and the high-level demon slaves rushed into it to fight indiscriminately. With the continuous use of the original power, the power exerted became more and more terrifying. Shanghai deeply felt the horror of the original power, which was enough to dissolve it. The characteristics of all power are really terrible.Could it be…this is the most terrifying place of the ancient demons? Shanghai trembled.This is not an evenly matched battle, but a slaughter, even if it is three middle-level demon slaves, although their level is one level lower than the high-level demon slaves, they are already infinitely close to the level of the high-level demon slaves. Under continuous fighting, There were a lot of wounds on the body.suppress!

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