Li Siyu didn\’t think so much. Just from the memory of the original owner, she can see that transcendence is not a good man. It\’s just a vain Phoenix man. She really doesn\’t like him.

Why do you say that? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.If you didn\’t value you, I wouldn\’t let you get something like that. Luo Yuewan said quietly, with a little sour jealousy in her tone.Shanghai frowned. Didn\’t Luo Long tell Luo Yuewan everything? It seemed that Luo Yuewan didn\’t know the real situation, which made him feel suspicious. Why didn\’t Luo Long tell Luo Yuewan the truth?At this time, the triangular tower had been opened, and Shanghai pressed the doubt in his heart and walked out after Luo Yuewan.You stand still.Luo Yuewan thought of a certain peculiar formula, and then continued to point to Shanghai. A peculiar power immediately surrounded Shanghai. After a while, Shanghai turned into a woman, and she was still dressed as a disciple of the Emperor Huntian. Woman in service.This is the Heavenly Transformation Curse, which can protect you from the three-hour change. As long as you don\’t make a sound, no one can see your true identity. From now on, whether you are outside or entering the Emperor Huntian Palace, you will You must follow my instructions. Your current status is my personal maid. Luo Yuewan said.I know what to do. Shanghai replied.Okay, let\’s set off. Luo Yuewan finished speaking and broke through the void directly, only to see a special teleportation formation in the void.Shanghai noticed that this teleportation array is a very special teleportation array, which can only be opened by a special method. Once it is moved, the teleportation array will be broken and cannot be teleported anymore.Luo Yuewan took out a special spar and then played a unique seal technique. As the spar fell into the special teleportation formation, the teleportation formation suddenly opened.The two stepped into the teleportation array one after the other.Just after stepping in, Shanghai\’s body turned into nothingness, but the consciousness and soul still existed, protected by the teleportation array.Are you going to the Emperor Huntian Palace? The ancient soul master\’s voice came.Have you recovered?Nonsense, I was almost killed by that guy just now. The ancient soul master\’s voice was slightly afraid.You mean Senior Luo Long, the former palace lord of Emperor Huntian, wants to kill you? Shanghai frowned in his heart.He is Luo Long? No wonder… Ancient Soul Master\’s voice trembled.You know him?I don’t know, but I’ve heard that I won’t come into contact with him. This person is a Soul Breaker from one of the ancient soul master branches whose soul has undergone nine transformations. Can\’t be an enemy of him. Ancient Soul Master said solemnly: \”This guy actually suspended himself and hid in the triangular tower.\”

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