A few dumplings and a bowl of soup, we just ate half full, but we can\’t help it. Usually it\’s a bowl of Xi rice, and today there are meat filled dumplings.

But I\’m only fourteen years old, and my mother is my guardian! Don\’t tell my mother who to talk to, do you? Jane Xi didn\’t call her father from beginning to end. The cheap father thought she was a child and easy to cheat. \”In fact, as long as you promise your father, your mother will be easy to say.\” after murvey said this, he paused for a moment, thought for a while and said: \”You don\’t know how much your father misses you these days, but your mother won\’t let me see you. Hey!! at that time, she let you live with your father. Now it\’s too late to say anything. I thought your mother would take care of you. Who knows, that\’s how she takes care of you? It\’s called the fifth floor! You\’re lucky! You don\’t know how worried dad is when he heard about it …” Mowei looked worried, but Jane didn\’t care what she thought. \”Can\’t you be so fake! You have to invest in acting, don\’t you? Why are you still secretly watching my reaction when you\’re acting here? It\’s not good to wear gangs,\” said Jane Xi. \”Oh? It\’s not a trivial matter. Wait until my mother comes back. As for whether to sell or not, how much to sell, will you talk about it later? I\’m so young, I can\’t decide yet.\” Jane Xi played Tai Chi. When Mowei wanted to play family cards again, he heard the sound of the key opening the door. It was old Jane and old lady Fang who came back. Mevina swallowed what he wanted to say. Seeing the second old man who opened the door and entered the house, he said with a farfetched smile: \”Dad, mom, you\’re back. I… I don\’t want to have children. Come and see her.\” \”Oh!\” Mrs. Fang answered. Mr. Jane didn\’t lift his eyelids. Mrs. Fang glanced at Mo Wei who was about to get up and said helplessly, \”sit down and I\’ll send the dishes to the kitchen.\” then she turned and entered the kitchen. Without even looking, old man Jane went into the bathroom to wash his hands, went out into the bedroom and closed the door with a bang. Mo Wei looked awkwardly at the closed door and stood up unnaturally. He saw Mrs. Fang coming out of the kitchen: \”Mom, I\’ve seen the child, too. I\’ll go now.\”. \”Oh, what\’s the matter with you? Then don\’t keep you. Xi\’er, send your father!\” Mrs. Fang said without humility. \”It\’s okay, it\’s okay, don\’t send it, ah! Mom… I\’m leaving.\” she came to the door, put on her shoes and pushed the door out. Jane Xi only stood at the door and didn\’t even say goodbye. The old lady looked back at the door and said nothing. After Mowei closed the door of Jane\’s house, his expression immediately sank down, looked at the door coldly, looked resentful, \”hum\”, turned and took the elevator downstairs. He didn\’t know that his expression was clearly seen by Jane Xi from the cat\’s eye. This man gave her the feeling that he was a wolf, a wolf that made you cold all over. Mrs. Fang looked at her grandson lying on the door. She felt a little funny. She shook her head and thought, \”she\’s still a child!\” He patted Jane Xi on the shoulder and called her back. \”Xi\’er, what\’s your father doing here?\” Mrs. Fang asked her gently. There was no sign of anger. It was like that the person who was cold and light to Mowei just now was not her. Everything was as warm as spring to her grandson. Old man Jane also went out of the room. It seems that he didn\’t want to see the man who used to be his son-in-law. \”Yes, what\’s that little rabbit doing here? Maybe it\’s the weasel to pay New Year\’s greetings to the chicken again, hum!\” old man Jane asked calmly. \”Grandpa, don\’t be angry,\” Jane coaxed the old man by shaking his sleeve. \”Tell me what he\’s doing here? Come on, I\’m not angry.\” the old man was calm and obviously upset by the guy. \”He came to buy my 30% stake in Mohs,\” Jane Xi whispered, glancing at the old man.

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