After dinner, several people went back to the house to sleep. Li Siyu still wanted to go into the space to tidy up things, but he heard the couple next door bite their ears.

Jane Xi ran towards the backyard with the God of war as fast as lightning. She was not happy. In her divine knowledge, the man seemed to have the appearance of leaving. It should be that something was wrong. Just when the man turned and ran back for five or six meters, Jane Xi suddenly appeared behind him. During the journey, her divine consciousness kept searching. Fortunately, there was no camera at their angle, and the trees were thick. She didn\’t stop. She flew directly with a small fireball. The distance of two meters was a small meaning for her current cultivation, The man didn\’t even cry out. He was burned into a handful of fly ash by the fireball. A light wind blew and disappeared. The God of war had seen Jane Xi\’s hostility and wanted to show it by himself, but before it rushed up, the master had a fireball and killed the man, which made the God of war a little depressed. However, she had to go back with her master. Jian Xi didn\’t use weapons this time, and there were people nearby. She can\’t immediately set up a sound insulation array. If that person makes a sound, it may be found by others. In this way, she can make a quick decision and save trouble. Of course, this is the first time she took this fireball against the enemy. From her experience of destroying the corpse with it several times, This fireball should have the same effect on living people. I didn\’t expect it to be true. When Jane Xi returned to the villa, the man had slowed down in the array and could see that his internal power had been consumed a lot. After looking at the God of war sitting beside him, he looked at her eagerly and said softly in the God of war\’s ear: \”go and beat the guy inside down. Remember, you can\’t kill him, you know?\” She pinched a magic formula and opened the array channel. The God of war seemed to understand his words, nodded, and quickly ran in along the open channel. In the array, another middle-aged man from the first floor of the airport was already sweating, and his internal power had been lost. At the beginning, he didn\’t want to enter through the door, but jumped over the courtyard wall, but when he flew up and touched the wall with his feet, he was suddenly knocked down by something, and then suddenly appeared around him, He came at him with his mouth open. He subconsciously dodged, but there was a huge wolf behind him. He rushed at him with the same howl. In his open mouth, he seemed to smell a fishy smell. He took out the dagger pinned in his boots and waved it to the huge wolf. A light cut the skin and flesh of the huge wolf\’s forelimbs, splashed blood, turned and ran away. Just when he wanted to relax his breath, A giant lion appeared at the left and right rear, and rushed at him with the same ferocity. He couldn\’t believe that such an ordinary villa raised so many beasts. Where did they hide before? From beginning to end, he never thought that these were illusory and untrue, because they were too lifelike. The howling, the smelly smell in his mouth, the escape after injury, and the scenes of blood splashing. Even the bodies of the beasts he killed were still piled up there, so he had to jump away to avoid being mixed. He couldn\’t help believing all this, I just couldn\’t figure out where the family got these beasts, and they were wild beasts. When I was watching, I never heard of animal roars from the villa? Now he was a little short of breath. He didn\’t know how long he could hold on. When he was in despair, all the beasts suddenly disappeared, which made him feel relieved. At the same time, he was immediately confused. All the bodies in an unknown place disappeared, and a tiger and a giant bear disappeared, The surrounding area was restored to the outside of the courtyard wall where he was before. Just then, suddenly a big black dog appeared. The middle-aged people thought it should be a German shepherd, but haven\’t they seen such a big German shepherd? The beasts disappeared and were replaced by a big German shepherd. The waist high German Shepherd looked at his cold eyes. He didn\’t know what was going on. The middle-aged man felt much more terrible than so many beasts just now. He took a dagger, put on a defensive posture, and deeply seized the opportunity to breathe a few times, Let your internal power recover as much as you can. After staring at the middle-aged man for two seconds, the God of war rushed over and looked at the dagger waving at him. Suddenly, the God of war turned his body in a strange posture, just hid from the dagger waving. At the same time, his body had rushed to the side of the middle-aged man, facing the middle-aged man\’s left arm, and the God of war opened his mouth and bit it. Chapter 130 trial (for recommendation, pink ticket ~) With a \”click\” and a huge bite force, the middle-aged man\’s left arm was instantly separated from his body. The middle-aged man screamed and quickly lit the acupoints on his left arm, delaying the speed of bleeding, but did not completely stop bleeding. However, although his movement was fast, it was not as fast as the God of war. After a few acupoints here, the God of war had thrown off his broken arm and rushed to the other side. When the middle-aged man was going to point a few more acupoints, it was too late. He hurried out to hide. The dagger on his right arm had fully cleaved to the God of war who was about to attack him with his innate Qi. The God of war seemed to have a hunch and his head deviated, As soon as he was short, he dodged the fierce blow. His lower body was thrown at the middle-aged man. His thick tail was now sweeping towards the middle-aged man\’s thigh like a steel stick. The middle-aged man didn\’t expect that the dog could also move like a tiger. He couldn\’t avoid it. In addition, the dagger was attacked with most of his remaining true Qi, but he threw himself into the air, and the castration hasn\’t been taken back, As a result, he was firmly swept by the tail of the God of war. There was another \”click\” sound, that was the sound of thigh bone fracture, and the middle-aged man was another heartrending howl, \”Po Tong\” sound. The center of gravity was unstable and fell to the ground. The God of war rushed over and bit on his only arm holding the dagger. He didn\’t bite it off, but he broke his wrist bone. The dagger fell to the ground, and the God of war raised his front foot, He kicked the dagger far away and bit the middle-aged man\’s neck. The middle-aged man looked at the big mouth and closed his eyes in despair. I didn\’t expect that he would be defeated by a dog. This is the biggest shame in his life. But he didn\’t wait to imagine the huge pain in his neck. He opened his eyes to see what was going on. When he was a child, he was facing the huge dog head. The dog\’s eyes were staring at it coldly, and his open mouth was right at his throat. It seems that if he moves, his big mouth will bite up without hesitation, which makes him afraid to move. Jane Xi saw the God of war\’s play, which is also very new. She doesn\’t know how the God of war\’s combat power is now. It also hasn\’t participated in the battle, but now it seems. Ares is still pretty good. Although the innate level master was exhausted, his strength was not too poor. The God of war could beat him so quickly that he had no strength to fight back. It\’s good enough. Jane Xi is very satisfied. Jane Xi walked into the array with the magic formula. She saw the broken arm on the ground. She felt a little disgusted. She bent her fingers and a small fireball flew past. The broken arm and the blood on the ground were instantly gone. The eyes of the middle-aged man looked at the scene that he couldn\’t believe. He was shocked.

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