The rest was pastries. The old lady locked everything in the cabinet and looked at her.

He is not a good man. He practices the art of collecting Yin and tonifying yang. I don\’t know how many good women have been harmed by him. He is the one who likes to stay in the secular world most. He is a woman for nothing else. Therefore, I advise you to flash as far as you can when you meet him. His cultivation has a full foundation period. Although his cultivation is not obtained by the right way, it is very vain, but it is a level after all It\’s already here, and he\’s good at flattering poison. It\’s too easy to suffer losses. By the way, how do you know this person? Why do you ask me this question? Yu Muyang knows that there is nothing hidden. He plans to introduce Jian Xi into Kun garden and tell her these dangerous factors for her good. At the same time, he is also very curious and worried, How could Jane Xi ask him for no reason? \”Oh, you answer me first, my question. Finally, I\’ll tell you the reason. What is his faction in you? Are there any people from their faction in your transmission this time?\” \”Their sect is called Baiming sect. There are about 500 people in the whole sect. The sect leader Li Yan, who has been building the foundation for 70 or 80 years, has profound skills. His skills are mainly to absorb the essence of living people\’s blood, supplemented by aura, which is very evil and cruel. There are nine elders under him, and the carefree guest is the nine elders,\” Yu Muyang said, frowning, A trace of disgust unconsciously appeared on the warm face. However, after a pause, he continued to say, \”when we came out together this time, three of them came out together. I don\’t know the specific reason. It\’s not good to think about it?\” \”Oh? Three people, who came out? Can you tell me?\” Jane Xi heard it, flashed a fierce look in her eyes, and hurriedly asked. \”One of the three of them is Yin Changfeng, the six elders of the Baiming sect. He is also a well-rounded cultivation during the foundation building period. He has been in the Jin Dynasty for 15 or 16 years, and his cultivation is extremely profound. Moreover, the skills he has learned are very cruel. He mainly sucks the innate Qi of babies, supplemented by spiritual Qi. I don\’t know how many babies have lost their hands.\” The disgust expression on Yu Muyang\’s face was even deeper. \”Who are the other two?\” Jane Xi didn\’t stop, and then asked. She must make it clear. At the moment, Yu Muyang gave her too much help. It can let her know more about the enemy, which is the greatest protection for her own people. She already knew very well that this time, it is estimated that the six elders of Baiming sect broke into yuan\’s house, And captured the second old man of Jane\’s family and Yuan\’s father. \”I don\’t know the names of the other two, but I\’ve seen them. One of them is in the middle of foundation building and the other is in the later stage of foundation building. They look like middle-aged people. In fact, they are 60 or 70 years old. In the middle of foundation building, they are the disciples of xiaoyaoke. In the later stage of foundation building, they are the first son of Yin Changfeng, the sixth elder. Naturally, they are evil people like their masters.\” Yu Muyang then replied. \”Are the three of them an old man and two middle-aged people?\” Jane Xi asked half to herself and half to herself. \”Yes, that\’s right, but I heard them inadvertently reveal that their original life jade card was broken before waiting for transmission. I think someone of their Baiming sect fell down?\” Yu Muyang said. \”Oh? Benming jade card, what\’s that?\” asked Jane Xi. \”The original life jade plate is to take out a trace of the original life God of a friar and put it in the original life jade plate. In this way, if the friar falls, the original life jade plate will be broken. This is the most important means to determine the life information of disciples in the sect. Why? Don\’t you know?\” Yu Muyang is very strange. Jian Xi doesn\’t know such a simple common sense. He didn\’t know where there was a sect in Jianxi. Although Jiannan knew it, he didn\’t think of teaching her the most basic common sense. He just taught her alchemy and array arrangement. He told her everything else when he met and thought of it. If he didn\’t meet it, he couldn\’t remember it. Jianxi didn\’t know the Tao, which was normal. Jiannan had never taught his apprentice in his life, It\’s quite good to be able to do this, Professor Jane Xi. \”I don\’t know. No one told me that their Baiming sect seems to be a sect that gathers evil friars. Why do you Kunyuan tolerate such a sect?\” Jian Xi asked, with some indignation in his tone. \”No, we don\’t tolerate it. First of all, there are many sects in Kunyuan, with different forces. Baiming sect belongs to the middle and upper levels, and there are seven or eight hundred people in the upper and lower levels. If you want to eliminate them completely, any sect higher than them will have to pay a considerable price. Kunyuan is not harmonious, but they won\’t fight each other, Because there are too few friars, the final result of internal struggle can only be that the internal friction of the last batch of friars on earth is gone. Although Baiming sect is an extremely disgusting sect, they have not killed any sect disciples in the park. Everything they do is in the secular world. There is no harm to the interior of Kun Park, so each sect The sect opened one eye and closed another. No one meddled to provoke them. After all, the people of that sect are very evil. They will report their evil deeds. No one will play a fishy role if they have nothing to do. Therefore, this sect has always existed, and the cultivation of their sect leader Li Yan is also powerful and insidious in Kunyuan, although it appears in Kunyuan People don\’t kill each other, but after leaving the Kun garden, what will happen if they don\’t keep together? If they are secretly killed, who knows? \”Yu Muyang patiently explained to Jian Xi. \”It\’s none of your business. Hang up!\” Jane sighed. \”These things are not only common in the secular world, but also in the Kun garden. If no one provokes them, the Baiming sect will not kill the sect disciples in the garden. This is also the main reason why all sects in the Kun garden are safe with them. If the Baiming sect changes their methods to deal with people in the secular world, the object of cultivation will be the disciples of all sects in the Kun garden The body, then, is estimated to have been destroyed by various sects, \”Yu Muyang said. \”I see,\” said Jane Xi faintly. She already knew what kind of sect and power she had provoked. Chapter 240 yuan Ma wakes up \”Why do you care so much about Baiming sect?\” Yu Muyang asked curiously.

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