Li Simin on the other side is ready to move.

The fragrance came from Jian Daoyou\’s room. Li Yan also paced out of his room. \”Her room is not forbidden. I\’ll go and have a look. Really, the smell of Dan in her room is the strongest,\” Wang Qiang cried in surprise. Several people came to Jane Xi\’s room. The smell of danxiang in it was very strong. Can it be strong? Jane spared refining danxiang all night. Danxiang was banned and isolated. She went out to practice one morning. After the ban was lifted, the smell of Dan had accumulated all night. It was very strong and ran out. The hall in the middle was full of Dan smell. \”I think Taoist friend Jian should be able to refine pills. What a genius!\” Li Yan sniffed the smell of pills in the air. Sighed. This is obviously the smell of Dan that Jane Xi refined in the room last night. It is different from the smell of refined products. Everyone\’s cultivation is not low. I still understand this truth. \”I don\’t know what level of elixir Jian Daoyou is, but I think she\’s young. Shouldn\’t she be too high? But this elixir doesn\’t look like too low elixir,\” Shen Hongyan guessed. \”Judging from the pill fragrance, the pill is at least three grades, or even more. It\’s terrible. Taoist Jian looks ten * years old. He\’s in his early twenties, but the skill of refining pills is quite excellent!\” Qiu Yan was also shocked by his discovery. \”Dan masters who can refine three grade pills are the backbone of some small sects, and they also have considerable power in medium-sized sects. Alas, I haven\’t seen more than three grade Dan masters in all these years of practice,\” Wang Qiang said, but there is a strong sense of envy, jealousy and hatred in his tone.

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