So instead of persuading her, she said, Mom, you should eat these noodles when you should make up for your family. Don\’t save them. You won\’t have money to see a doctor when you get sick.

That\’s all right, brother — Jane Xi replied in a naughty voice. Jane Nan was speechless for a while. Why is it so awkward? However, she advised herself and had no choice but to get used to it. \”Cough, Xi\’er, don\’t call me that at home. Grandpa is really not used to it!\” Jane Nan said with a helpless wry smile. \”Well, OK! I\’m not afraid that we\’re used to it. We\’re leaking out. When you\’re outside, you have to pay attention to your way of speaking. Don\’t always talk like those old men. They\’re old and contrary. Do you know?\” Jane said angrily. \”Well, I don\’t talk like that anymore. I\’m Xier\’s brother. Who dares to bully my sister? I\’ll tell him to fart ~ open flowers, ha ha ha.\” Jane Nan rubbed Jian Xi\’s head and said happily. With a young body and many years of thinking, Jane Nanzhen felt that she was full of vitality and returned to her youth. \”Well, that\’s good, brother – Hey hey, I\’ll go first. You can experience the feeling of youth here first.\” after Jane Nan said with a bad smile, she flashed out of the lucky star and appeared in the secret room. Calculate the time. It\’s almost eleven days. I can\’t study this boulder anymore. I\’m afraid Yu Shanshan is too anxious? He waved the huge stone to Xiyuan star, explained the wonderful use of the stone with his consciousness, and then opened the door of the secret room and left here. Back in the hall of the cave, Yu Shanshan felt Jian Xi\’s exit at the first time. Immediately, she appeared in the hall and cried happily, \”you finally came out. I didn\’t expect you to be slower than me.\” her straightforward character and words made Jian Xi feel a trace of warmth. \”Well, yes! I didn\’t expect that more than ten days had passed. Eh, you really broke through to the later stage of Yuanying? Well, it\’s good, it\’s very stable. Congratulations.\” Jian Xi is also very happy to see that Yu Shanshan has really broken through successfully, and even the stable period has passed. Now the stable state of the later stage of Yuanying is now. \”Yes! First, there are no resources. Second, there is my brother\’s concern, so I can\’t improve my accomplishments. However, now that I have resources and untie my heart knot, the improvement of my accomplishments will be natural. In fact, I can work hard at that time to make a full impact on the primipara, but it will take longer. I\’m afraid I\’ll delay things, so I don\’t have an impact. It took seven days At the time of the day, if the impact is on the great consummation, it will not have to be closed for at least half a month! However, in the past few days after leaving the customs, I began to learn to make Runlu. Unexpectedly, my talent in this field is not bad! \”Yu Shanshan said happily like a lark. \”Oh, yeah!\” Jane Xi felt a little embarrassed when she heard Yu Shanshan say so. At first she said she was going to Dehua in a hurry, but then she stayed in the basement for more than ten days. \”Hey, hey, I forgot the time as soon as I closed the door. But first, you should consolidate your accomplishments and foundation and impact the resources and spiritual stones at the time of great fullness.\” Jian Xi is now rich and powerful, and looks like nothing. \”Then how can I? Besides, if you don\’t wait for me to enter the rank, you won\’t be bored and shut up. It\’s not your fault. It\’s only a few days. Besides, I can make runes now and have the ability to support myself. Hehe, you see,\” Yu Shanshan can\’t ask for something to cherish. I can\’t help feeling angry and strange. But then I thought of something, took out a lot of runes from the ring, and put a table with all kinds of low-level runes. \”So many?\” Jane looked at the rune record on the table and couldn\’t help but be speechless. \”Well, yes! But the first level is only the first level. Although the success rate is very high now, it is too low, but over time. As long as I work hard, I will achieve something.\” Yu Shanshan is full of confidence. However, it took only a few days to learn the symbol. She has already made such achievements. Jane Xi thinks Yu Shanshan is really talented in this regard. She has never thought of learning to make talismans, and she doesn\’t even have any ideas. The industry of making talismans is not very common in today\’s practice world. It is Fengmao scale horn that can make some achievements in this art. Unlike the three wonders of Dan, array and weapon, it plays an important role in the practice world. However, if Fu Lu is really profound, it will be of great help to walk in this world of practice in the future. Jian Xi is very happy that Yu Shanshan will make achievements on this road. \”Congratulations, sister Shanshan. Although they are only first-class runes, you only have a few days to contact them. I believe that as long as you work hard, this skill will benefit you for life,\” Jane Xi said sincerely. \”How about we sell them?\” Yu Shanshan suggested. \”Well, just in time, I\’ll sell some pills,\” Jane Xi echoed. Although it doesn\’t matter whether she sells pills or not, in order to cooperate with Yu Shanshan, she happily promised to clean up and go to Dehua road.

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