At this time, there are a lot of people in the canteen. It is necessary to queue up for meals.

Are you Jane Xi? a slightly fatter girl pushing a bicycle couldn\’t help jumping out. \”Yuanyuan. You can\’t say your name directly.\” the leading boy turned his head and scolded the fat girl named Yuanyuan. Jane Xi couldn\’t help looking at Yuanyuan on one side with a smile. Yuanyuan felt Jane Xi\’s eyes. She looked at Jane Xi angrily, and then said softly, \”your name is Yuanyuan? It doesn\’t matter. Her name is Jane Xi, that is, she set up this array more than ten years ago. Now we are all back. We want to go home. Can you show me the way?\” In fact, they didn\’t have to lead the way. Jane regretted that they could easily find their family, but they were just eager to know about their family in advance. They happened to ask four of them on the way. \”You are really sister Jane Jane, aren\’t we dreaming? Great! OK, OK, we can show you the way.\” the little girl named Yuanyuan was very excited and nodded all the time, which made Jane Xi seem to see the star chasers and the stars in her mind. Although the vigilance of the two boys is still very strong, they did not refuse. After all, they are only 17 or 18-year-old teenagers. They are not deeply involved in the world. Although they are wary, they do not have as many twists and turns as adults. The four people had planned to go out for an outing, but at this moment, they all turned around the front of their bicycles and walked back. Seeing Jane Xi walking skillfully in the array, they also dispelled many doubts. Along the way, everyone asked about their families, but many people still couldn\’t get in their mouths. The four young people didn\’t know everyone, so they were disappointed and didn\’t have their turn. However, they gave back the four young men and girls. They didn\’t know who to answer, so they had to pick up the answers they knew. When entering the valley, you can obviously feel that the aura is much stronger than that outside. The people\’s divine knowledge from afar has seen their own house. They can no longer care about the few people who lead the way, so they fly to their own house. The eager mood and footsteps stunned the four young men and girls. They have not seen friars flying in the sky, but they basically step on flying swords, And these people flew into the air without any external force. Now they had fully believed that they were really the monks who had left that year. Jian Dongjian shook his head reluctantly, turned back and said to his family, \”let\’s go back to our house and visit them one by one. How can we let them meet their relatives and go after a good chat.\” \”OK, Xinyu, take your daughter-in-law and have a look at our house. Although it\’s not as good as xuanqiu star, it\’s also our home anyway!\” Jane Xi smiled and looked at Yu Shanshan, who has been holding Xinyu\’s hand. Yu Shanshan gave Jane Xi a big white eye, but a touch of purplish red flew over her face. She didn\’t speak and didn\’t know how to answer. Here are all elders. She can\’t make trouble with Jane Xi, so she had to swear to herself that she will look good when there is no one. Xinyu naturally agreed. He took up Shanshan\’s small waist and flew into the air towards his villa. Looking at all the people rising up one by one and flying away in different directions, leaving only four stunned boys and girls, Jane regretted that the corners of her lips were slightly tilted and said in a good mood: \”They were too anxious to go home, so they hurried back first and let you run with Bai for so long. I\’m really sorry. Come on, this is my own refining elixir. It\’s only the first level. All four of you have spiritual roots, but all of you are five elements miscellaneous spiritual roots. The attribute of spiritual roots is not high. A bottle of first-level elixir can make your spiritual roots pure and wash away the attribute value Low spiritual roots can improve your qualifications. Just thank you for sending us here. Take it. There are 20 pills in each bottle and take one pill every ten days. It should be helpful to you. Although I have better first-order, second-order or even higher-level elixirs, you are all ordinary people. Only the boy has a sense of Qi, and the three of you are only better than me Ordinary people\’s physique is stronger. Your body can\’t bear the pill of higher order, so you can only take this elixir of higher order at present. However, I think this is also your great opportunity. Cherish it! Thank you again for sending us here. Bye! \” Jane Xi said, smiled and rose in the air. She flew into the air and flew to her villa in a white dress. Speaking of spiritual roots, Jian Xi didn\’t understand until after the Mahayana. In fact, as human beings, everyone has spiritual roots, but the quality of spiritual roots is different. Human body is a natural Taoist body and the carrier most conducive to practice in the world. This carrier has good times and good carriers. When cultivated, it is naturally a qualification of twice the effort with half the effort, Even the most inferior qualification is like three of the four young men and girls in front of them. In fact, they all have spiritual roots, but they are too weak and complex. If ordinary Kung Fu, like the three of them, can enter the third level of Qi refining in their whole life, they will work hard and hard enough. However, if there is Jian Xi\’s spiritual elixir to help them wash away the miscellaneous spiritual roots all the way and leave the spiritual roots with relatively higher attribute values, then it is not a dream to achieve success in cultivation, but Jian Xi is not a great philanthropist of the ninth generation. She will help people when she sees them. Today she has a good heart and goes home. Her attitude is quite enthusiastic through the four of them, She was able to accompany them all the way back, so she gave them a bottle of first-class elixir, which was separated from the first-class line. After taking these twenty elixirs, if they are not lazy, how can they reach the foundation period, and the rest of the opportunity depends on them. The leading boy who cultivates the sense of Qi is a little better than the other three. He only cultivates the sense of Qi at the age of 17 or 18. This qualification is rubbish, but it is also a little better than the other three. The opportunity given to the four people made the four people dull. After that, they were extremely excited and didn\’t mention the outing. Riding a bicycle, they rushed home. They always thought that they could only be ordinary people all their life. Unexpectedly, the fairy Jane said that they could practice. Such news made them feel the way home, How did it suddenly become far away?

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