Oh, deputy factory director Zhang is the first to come every day. Today is late enough.

A violent noise blew up, and a terrible energy immediately scattered around! \”Young master!\” \”childe!\” there was a sound of exclamation among the crowd. It was none other than Ling Xuan\’s subordinates. Just now they had been silent and just watched the battle quietly. They were most confident of their young master\’s strength. Especially when they saw Ling Xuanshi\’s exhibition of the eight regions of Ziyang, they felt that there was no suspense about the battle, I just didn\’t expect that things developed into this situation in an instant! \”Boom!\” at the same time, another thunderous sound blew up in the square, and then a powerful energy immediately scattered around. Although this energy was not as powerful as the energy scattered by the sword, it was also extremely powerful. There is no doubt that this energy is naturally the energy of those rotten corpses! Those rotten corpses were completely transformed by energy. The sword busy only killed most of them, but still a small half attacked Fang Yang. About 200 rotten corpses rushed to Fang Yang, and Fang Yang was unable to dodge. At this time, these rotten corpses seemed to turn into bombs one after another, and all exploded on Fang Yang. At the same time, the evil spirit they carried also rushed into Fang Yang\’s body. For a moment, the whole square was filled with smoke, and no one could see things in the square through the smoke. \”Whoosh! Whoosh!\” just at this time, several figures flickered, and several figures had penetrated into the smoke. There is no doubt that these people are naturally Ling Xuan\’s subordinates. Looking at this scene, the hearts of many disciples also raised one after another. But at this time, no one noticed that a person also quietly rushed into the smoke. \”What\’s the matter?\” \”I don\’t know.\” \”the unique family skill of Ling family is really powerful. It\’s too strange. I\’ve never seen such strange martial arts. It seems that it\’s only the first domain of the eight domains of Ziyang!\” \”yes, no wonder the ancestors of Ling family made great contributions to the Longyuan Dynasty, and Ling family has dominated Huoyu County for so many years!\” \”However, Fang Yang is not bad. The sword that Fang Yang just urged is really powerful. I\’m still thinking about how Fang Yang urged the sword!\”

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