He said and showed them the notes taken by Secretary Wang and Li Siyu.

At this time, Fang Yang\’s heart suddenly jumped. Under his perception, he could clearly realize that the jade amulet he gave to Meng Qianxue had been destroyed. \”Something\’s wrong?\” Fang Yang got up and rushed directly out of the cave to the place where the jade talisman was broken. Several figures stood here between the quiet mountains and forests. Meng Qianxue looked embarrassed. Her clothes were broken, and a few scars appeared on her exposed skin. Around her, there were four men and women. There was some smell on both men and women He is a monster. The man has white cheeks, a feminine temperament, a charming woman and a snake like figure. He firmly surrounds Meng Qianxue. There has been a fierce battle between the two sides before, but Meng Qianxue has fallen behind. \”Little girl, I advise you not to struggle. It\’s your blessing to be valued by our young patriarch. Just accompany me there.\” A gentle man said coldly. The rest of them were also flirtatious and soft. \”Cluck, our young leader hasn\’t found a new tripod furnace for a long time. It\’s a coincidence that you sent it to the young leader yourself. Naturally, with the young leader\’s temperament, you won\’t let you go.\” \”look at this face and figure. It\’s really excellent. No wonder the young leader is so happy.\” \”Come back with us, young patriarch will let you enjoy the taste of being a woman.\” the words of several people are explicit and transmitted in a low voice. Meng Qianxue has a cold face and looks angrily at these people: \”a group of demons! If you didn\’t beat more and less, would I be afraid of you? Have the ability to come one by one.\” \”Hey, fighting is not the right way. Where can we compare with our good cultivation.\” A woman was smiling and her body was full of peach red and mysterious air. As her hands moved, red thin lines wound around Meng Qianxue\’s body. Meng Qianxue\’s pretty face changed slightly, which she had experienced. Although these thin lines looked nothing on the surface, they were actually extremely difficult to wrap. As long as they were stuck, it took a long time to get rid of them. She bit her teeth and secretly Anxious: \”why don\’t you come, Fang Yang\’s son of a bitch!\” she had taken the time to crush the communication jade symbol and waited for Fang Yang to come to help. Seeing the thin line winding, Meng qianxuesu lifted his hand, the dark blue air burst out and turned into the impact of the waves. The dark air palm force collided with the thin line and entangled with it, but she couldn\’t do anything.

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