That\’s a good feeling! I\’ll find you at the end of the month?

Fang Yang stood in the corner. He managed to hold down the angry Xin Guihua and sun Manzi and shouted in a low voice: \”wake up! Even if you rush up, what can you do!? don\’t you see the current situation?\” sun Manzi and Xin Guihua curled up and didn\’t want to roar. \”Big brother\” Zhan Chu had a good intention to revive Zhan\’s life, but he didn\’t expect such an end. At this time, Zhan Shengsheng\’s eyes turned, glanced at Fang Yang and said coldly, \”it\’s also a disaster for you to keep it. In my memory of swallowing, but knowing about you makes me feel a little concerned. This is not in line with my nature! Therefore, all those who can hinder and disturb me will die!!\” he stepped out one step, The corpse gasified his hand and grabbed it in front of Fang Yang. Fang Yang\’s face changed rapidly and his sword blade was swept away. The dragon and snake roared out. However, his current state is also very poor. Under the impact of this sword Qi, he only slightly blocked the strength of corpse Qi palm, and was directly broken. \”Die for me!\” Zhan Shengsheng looked down. Sun Manzi and Xin Guihua resist one after another, but with their strength, their life is not at the same level. After one blow, they were blasted away one after another. Seeing the palm grasp, several people will end up dead. As soon as Xiao Si gritted his teeth, the eyes between the eyebrows flickered rapidly, and a touch of gold floated on the silver. \”Winter soul divine light!!\” he forced his mind and eyes to move his soul power to the extreme, and used the most powerful secret method of niansheng sect. The silver light swished out and directly ran on the corpse Qi palm strength. \”Eh?\” Zhan Shengsheng was surprised. When the white light swept, his corpse Qi suddenly frozen, even penetrated and pointed directly at his body. He urged the corpse Qi again and again. He kept several protective vigorous Qi at the front of his body, which was able to block the continuous frost gas, but there was still a breath penetrating into his right arm, and his right arm was frozen to death in a moment. \”What a powerful chill, you boy\’s soul is strong enough.\” Zhan Shengsheng said coldly. However, after exerting these winter spirit lights, Xiao Si\’s soul power also decreased sharply. His body trembled and nearly fell. \”It seems that you haven\’t used it completely, so you can die here!\” Zhan Shengsheng burst into a rage. He was just about to start, and his body froze. He looked changeable, fierce and indifferent. Half a ring, he just popped out a few words from his mouth: \”go!\” they were stunned, and Xiao Si said in surprise: \”big brother!\”

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