Zhang Xuewen looked at her seriously and didn\’t bother her.

Fang Yang shouted fiercely, and the sword blades beside him moved together. The Qi of fire and thunder filled the air. With Fang Yang\’s palms together, 20 sword blades suddenly condensed into a huge fire and thunder sword gang and chopped down on the cold wolf. He really didn\’t keep his hand. When he came up, he urged the sword move with nine turn power! When a sword came out, the fire and thunder moved together. The people on the side saw a huge sword The cold wolf\’s eyes lit up: \”it\’s a little interesting.\” He roared and did not dodge. His whole body quickly flashed a layer of silver protective gang. The blessing of protective gang was hard to resist. Roaring!! the fire thunder sword Gang cut down, and the aftershock shook. The powerful fire thunder gas swept around, and the dust on the ground was blackened. Within four hundred steps around the battle center of the two people, all the trees withered and turned yellow under the fire. The distance was a little The group of martial artists nearby were even more surprised and retreated one after another. Even Yuan Liang and Jie both looked surprised and marveled at the power of Fang Yang\’s sword. \”This boy is really not simple!\” However, although Fang Yang\’s sword is already good, it can still not have much effect when it is cut on the top expert cold wolf. The thunder fire sword roared away, and the cold wolf\’s body shape was also revealed in front of him. The sword that was enough to cut the earth and cut on the silver and white Gang Qi on the cold wolf\’s body surface did not bring any damage. His face was still cold and pick He looked at Fang Yang\’s sword gang with an eyebrow and grinned: \”do you really have a good shot? You can\’t even break my protective gang. If you really have only this strength, it will disappoint me.\” Fang Yang\’s heart was slightly heavy, even if you feel the strength of the cold Wolf,

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