The man didn\’t complain any more. After all, it\’s a human life. He waved goodbye to Li Siyu and hurried home.

What Fang Yang and his wife have to do now is to think about how to get out of here and return to the main hall above. In Chapter 391, we see that the corridor of the second prince is winding and uphill all the time. The two of Fang Yang trudged forward. They didn\’t know how far away they were. The stagnant water under their feet had all receded, and a touch of candle light appeared in front of them. Fang Yang was shocked immediately and they walked up together. At the end, there is a spacious grottoes. There is no layout in the grottoes. I don\’t know how much worse than the palace above. There are only candles burning around the mountain wall, which makes the whole Grottoes bright. \”Where is this? It should not be in the main hall yet.\” Fang Yang murmured. He glanced around and saw that there were still many things in the cave. Wooden signs were set up one after another, just like a wood forest. Suddenly, Fang Yang\’s eyes must be sharp and his pupils suddenly shrink. He impressively found a figure in the wooden card forest. He saw a young man in plain white standing with his back to him. His breath was uncertain. When Fang Yang came up earlier, he could use the power of God and soul to explore, but even so, he had not explored his position, if it was not seen by the naked eye, Fang Yang can hardly find someone here. He stared at the man quietly, with a faint sense of danger in his heart. \”It\’s spectacular, this wood forest.\” the young man spoke without looking back. His voice was clear and soft, giving people a feeling of spring breeze. He sounded like talking to himself, but Fang Yang knew he was talking to himself. Fang Yang has no cavity. The young man didn\’t care. He slowly turned around and showed a handsome face. The young man smiled. There were two shallow pear vortices at the corners of his mouth, just like a young lady. Lady of the family, originally a word to describe a woman, but it fits the young man best. Fang Yang frowned and looked at this person. Although he did not notice any mysterious Qi fluctuation from this person, the sensory impact he gave himself was extremely not weak. Is a stranger, but also a powerful stranger. \”This wood forest is the tomb of the dragon clan,\” the young man said again. Hearing this, Fang Yang couldn\’t keep silent. He was surprised: \”monument tomb?\” here? Where is this wooden plate erected? Such a simple and ordinary cave? The dragon family is a symbol of nobility and power. No matter how you look at it, you can\’t connect the wood forest here with the dragon family. In Fang Yang\’s impression, even if it is death, the place where the dragon family will be buried is also a place with fairy clouds and treasures, just like the emperor\’s thick burial. \”Yes, I\’m surprised?\” the young man still smiled with a pear vortex. \”But here are indeed tombs of the dragon family. All these wooden cards are tombstones of the dragon family. Of course, they are empty, and there is no corpse of the dragon.\”

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