If you want something, I\’ll tell you when I go in the evening. Can you prepare it again? peizihao looked at her with his eyes full of exploration.

In a moment, the steward hurried back, holding a small porcelain vase in his hand. In front of Fang Yang, he looked at the porcelain vase in his hand, hesitated for a long time, and handed it out. Steward Huang said, \”it\’s called Yuxin pill. It\’s the first-class antidote pill in our medicine King\’s pavilion. It can detoxify hundreds of poisons and dispel evil Qi.\” Fang Yang took the porcelain bottle, opened the cork and saw that it contained a jade white pill, which was transparent and emitting a slight fragrance. His eyes brightened with satisfaction. After careful identification, there are a lot of spiritual materials in the so-called Jade Heart pill, and each of them is extremely rare. After refining into pills, the detoxification effect is extremely good. It seems that the so-called medicine King Pavilion really has some real skills. \”This is the best antidote pill in our medicine King\’s pavilion, but it may not have the effect of removing the poison of dragon breath in the five dragon pond,\” steward Huang hesitated. Dragon species is the most powerful species in the world. All the big demons with dragon blood will be greatly enhanced. Things with dragon poison are even more powerful. It is definitely not an ordinary pill that can completely remove it. As a doctor, Fang Yang naturally knows this. He originally planned to recover Yu Qiu with a pill. As long as he suppresses the dragon breath poison in his body for the time being, there will always be a way. \”The Jade Heart pill has been handed over to childe Fang. I don\’t know the pill,\” steward Huang said carefully. Fang Yang smiled freely. Since he had got the things, he didn\’t continue to be in charge. He took a pen and paper, recorded the five yuan real magic pill and handed it to him. It also details the purification, heat and addition time of various materials. Steward Huang made a rough sweep, and there was great joy on his face. Although the holy material in the pill is indeed quite common, both purification and fire control are extremely advanced techniques. At a glance, you only know the extraordinary effect of this thing. He carefully put the danfang away and couldn\’t wait to have a refining try. Fang Yang began to remind: \”there are also those spiritual materials I need.\” \”yes, I\’ll prepare them for you now.\” steward Huang dared not neglect it. He hurried to the deep inventory and collected all the poisons needed by Fang Yang and handed them to Fang Yang. Fang Yang counted it and nodded his head before he left. Steward Huang sent each other respectfully for a while. After repeatedly telling him to have a chance to see you again in the future, he watched Fang Yang disappear in the distance. As soon as Fang Yang left, steward Huang hurriedly closed the door and began to explore how to refine pills by himself. \”The harvest was good.\” Fang Yang was satisfied. The five yuan true elixir is a treasure for steward Huang, but it\’s nothing for Fang Yang. It\’s just a good pill that can be used in the early stage. Fang Yang\’s cultivation and strength at this time can\’t satisfy himself. When it comes to trauma, he is half a real dragon, and with the great success of building bone and gold body, it is only a breath to recover the trauma. When it comes to restoring Xuanqi, the pure Yang Xuanqi in the body is as thick as a river. If you really run out of vitality, it is not a small five yuan true elixir that can recover. The two things exchanged at this time are very useful to Fang Yang at this time. Yu Xindan helped Yu Qiu suppress the poison of dragon breath in her body, which was also Yu hongdie\’s helping kindness. Fang Yang has the nature of repaying kindness. Once the person who saved him has any problems, he will not ignore it. And the other highly poisonous things, Fang Yang, are what he has prepared for himself. His body was sealed by the dark Qi of dead wood, which corroded the meridians and viscera, making it difficult to use the dark Qi. How domineering is the dark Qi of dead wood, which can corrupt everything in the world. Even if Fang Yang\’s five yuan true elixir is swallowed, it won\’t have any effect. In order to get rid of the situation at this time, on the one hand, it is forced to eliminate the dark Qi of dead trees by means of expelling the dark Qi above Tianyang, on the other hand, it depends on external forces

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