Seeing that the housing construction plan of the grain factory is dying, Li Siyu thinks it\’s time to put forward some opinions.

\”The big demon in Tianyang.\” the nine palace sword appeared in Fang Yang\’s palm, then clenched the sword handle and waved it. Whoosh! The sword Qi broke through the air and aimed at the big demon. The sword Qi was like a thin line rubbing against the big fish. The big demon with strong mysterious Qi stagnated. Then he saw the blood flying. Under Fang Yang\’s sword, it was directly divided into two, slammed into the water and swallowed up by the water waves. Fang Yang kept falling. With his action, a big demon appeared between the waves from time to time. If Fang Yang had been the former one, he might have felt quite troublesome for the big demon who had reached the level of Tianyang, but at this time, he was in the top 100 of the Dragon list. With his strength greatly increased, killing the leisure Tianyang environment was like killing chickens and dogs. In particular, the big demon is strong in flesh and blood, but the use of its own Xuanqi is weak. To some extent, it can\’t even cause trouble to Fang Yang than the Tianyang martial arts of the same level. All the way, Fang Yang\’s body also fell to the ground quickly. His feet fell into the bottom of the sea, and he felt that the mud under his feet was moist and soft, as if he were stepping on cotton. The mud on the seabed here is the place where all kinds of creatures fall and bury. It absorbs the mysterious Qi all year round, which also makes the mud on the seabed extremely fertile and covered with mysterious Qi. It is the best thing to plant some spiritual materials. As soon as Fang Yang\’s divine light formula opened, his eyes swept around. When the spirit sweeps through the place, all you can feel is abundant Xuanqi. Different spiritual materials grow, and the bright light completely occupies Fang Yang\’s heavenly eyes. He frowned: \”I clearly felt that there was a strange smell here before.\” Fang Yang chose to vortex here because when the heavenly eye divine light formula was running, he saw a faint light at the vortex here. It seemed that he came personally when there was something different. However, because there are too many spiritual materials here, the mysterious Qi emitted is so strong that it is difficult to distinguish what it is. After a little thought, Fang Yang didn\’t hesitate. No matter what attracted his attention, since he came, he\’d better explore and search again. Thinking of this, Fang Yang took a step and began to pick up the spiritual materials growing between the seabed. There are many spiritual materials here. They are hard to find in the outside world. They are like weeds here. Fang Yang collected more than a hundred spiritual materials along the way, but he sighed that this place is indeed a secret treasure under the sea. The scope of the vortex is extremely vast. Because the black eye erupts with great momentum, it pulls the waves around. The exposed seabed is as big as a city. You can\’t walk alone in a short time. At this time, there are more than a thousand martial artists who enter the vortex here. There are all kinds of people, but more are big demons.

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