However, the spring breeze was not afraid at all, so she said everything she had just seen.

\”Nature is to experience. There are so many relics in the nether passage. If we find one or two at random, we will be able to greatly increase our strength.\” Wen ruohuo said. Everyone was also excited. Most of the martial artists in Zhenyang regiment were inexperienced and inexperienced. It was dangerous to wander in the nether passage in twos and threes. Therefore, with Wen ruohuo as a leader, they closely linked everyone together and ensured everyone\’s safety. Everyone was extremely grateful to Wen ruohuo. \”It\’s almost here. Look for the netherworld crack, and we\’ll go back to the seventh floor.\” Wen ruohuo said, and began to order everyone to take action. Suddenly someone in the crowd wondered, \”what\’s that?\” The people\’s eyes also looked immediately. They saw a small figure suddenly coming out on a small hillside not far ahead. The figure was crooked and it was extremely difficult to walk. \”Child?\” \”why is the head so big and a little disgusting?\” \”are there any children in the nether passage? It\’s so strange that there seems to be no mysterious fluctuation.\” Several people\’s eyes looked over and whispered. Listening to the people\’s words, Wen ruohu\’s eyes were also confused. The body on the hillside was extremely strange. It was obviously a small body like a child. His head was huge and oval. He almost walked and crawled towards this side. Inexplicably, a cold feeling rushed into his heart. Wen ruohu\’s face changed slightly, Although there was no mysterious movement on this small figure, it was extremely strange. \”Why don\’t you leave here and go back to the mountain station.\” Wen Ruo Huo said. \”Leader? What do you mean? Are we going to participate in this activity?\” \”is it because of this strange child? Nothing, just a little strange?\” \”Commander, it\’s too big a general and a little monster. I\’ll have a look!\” a body rushed out directly and fell over there. \”Don\’t! Come back!\” Wen Ruo was angry and shouted at the people behind him, \”you all go! This is an order!\”

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