However, Shen Ling\’s heart was not relieved. Instead, she was very frightened, but she could only take one step at a time.

But even so, even if he can\’t support himself gradually under the attack of the emperor of the underworld, the sword emperor still doesn\’t retreat at all. His face is peaceful, but his indifferent eyes are full of indomitable. Sword emperor, this name is well deserved in the nether passage, but since Zhuo Yijian became famous, he has few opportunities to exert himself. Because in this world, there is no one for him to do his best to protect. Now, the sword emperor, who has been silent for a long time, broke out. Although he broke out too late to fully show himself, his perseverance was clearly revealed. One man and one sword, obviously there is no momentum circulation, but the pressure on the Ming emperor is more than thousands of troops. Whoosh! The sharp edge of the sword swept over and cut into the Emperor Ming, which was to instantly break the evil Qi surging on his body surface, but then the evil Qi surged up and bombarded from the left and right. The sword emperor was at the end of a powerful crossbow, but he just took a strong breath to ensure that he didn\’t fall down. Such a decisive attack that overdrafts vitality can make a strong attack, but it can\’t dodge. Therefore, facing the bombardment of two evil spirits, the sword blade in the sword emperor\’s hand was only a symbolic throw, and then swallowed up by the evil spirit. Ka Chi! There was a sound of bone breaking that made his teeth sour. When the evil Qi passed, a stream of plasma burst out of the sword emperor\’s mouth. Dark black blood flowed from his mouth and nose, and his whole body was red. \”If you dare to betray me, you will die here now!\” the Emperor Ming saw the appearance of the sword emperor, smiled grimly and clapped his hands. The dark clouds and evil Qi all over his body wound around the sword emperor in all directions. Once entangled, he must not escape being swallowed up by evil Qi. The evil Qi flows like a strong wind wrapping the sword emperor in it. Seeing that the evil spirit was about to burst, and when the sword emperor turned into powder, the roar in the air rang through. Click! A huge roar blew up, and the sky seemed to be blown out of a hole. Then the thunder light appeared, and a silver thunder awn bombarded down instantly. Lei mang bumped heavily against the evil spirit wrapped in the sword emperor. When the swarming evil spirit came into contact with Lei Mang, it was swept around and turned into smoke and dust. When it was thrown away, it also threw the body of the sword emperor aside. The emperor suddenly looked up and looked ferociously in the air. Over there, after fighting for some time through the sword emperor, Tianjun has replenished his thunder Qi through thunder beasts and chariots. At this time, he is surrounded by countless thunder lights, crackling with electric arcs.

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