However, when Shen Ling was at leisure, she heard the familiar female voice and noise. She looked up and saw a group of women coming.

Xu Zhen nodded heavily, took a deep look at the main hall, and then bowed. The people behind him also followed suit, and the other Yang thanked him most. In the main hall, Li Ya looked worried, hesitated, and whispered, \”Fang Yang, are you really angry? Although they have a bad character, they are not bad people.\” \”You plead for them? Didn\’t you get angry with them before?\” Fang Yang said with a straight face. \”But, that\” Li Ya hesitated and couldn\’t say a word. He was afraid that Fang Yang was really angry. Seeing the aggrieved expression on her face, Fang Yang couldn\’t help laughing: \”silly girl, I don\’t know their character. Naturally, I won\’t do anything to them. Don\’t worry.\” \”Really? But the jade slip just now\” \”it\’s not a punishment, it\’s just a skill.\” Fang Yang said, \”if they can take this good life and practice, it will be of great benefit to themselves.\” \”I knew Fang Yang you\’re not that kind of person!\” Li ya cheered. Fang Yang looked at her and said: \”Next, I\’m going to help qianrou get rid of the shackles of Xuanqi in her body. Do you want to be here?\” \”yes.\” Li Ya stubbornly sipped cherry lips and seemed determined. Although she had many shortcomings compared with Shuiqian Rou, she didn\’t have any chance and wouldn\’t give up! Fang Yang looked at her suspiciously. He didn\’t know why Li Ya showed such a solemn expression. He nodded and didn\’t refuse: \”then watch here.\” then he said to Shuiqian Judo: \”Qianrou, just relax and leave the rest to me.\” Shui qianrou nodded. They sat down cross legged. Fang Yang pressed his hands on Shui qianrou\’s plain hands, and then his dark Qi moved, and the faint black awn flowed directly into Shui qianrou\’s body. Shui qianrou is a pure water body, which is a Yin cold attribute. Pure Yang Xuanqi is not fit for her, but it is different if she uses pure Yin Xuanqi, which can not only protect her own meridians Fu organs are of great benefit to her physique. Pure Yin and Xuanqi flows along the meridians, filling the originally depressed meridians again, extending all the way to the inner house of water thousand softness. Her inner house is blocked by dragon power. If you sweep away, it is full of golden dragon patterns. For a long time, the inner house is a little silent and dark. With the pure Yin and Xuanqi of Fang Yang When you enter and touch the dragon pattern, the dragon power surges and the golden light is prosperous.

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