However, without exception, all the information received was that his Majesty was too thoughtful to see it.

Boom! The huge palm strength was like a huge fire slurry, and the huge palm directly covered the black tower in front of him. Heita didn\’t expect Fang Yang to have so much spare power. He was caught off guard. It was too late when he waved his long gun to resist. Then he saw that Fang Yang\’s palm strength covered heita heavily. Loud noise roared and fire burned the sky. Zhigang Zhiyang, representing Fang Yang\’s strongest palm strength, fell heavily to the ground, and the fire slurry splashed, and a huge pit was burned on the ground. As for the black tower, when the fire slurry covered the body, the black gun in his hand suddenly dispersed and turned into pure corpse and ghost Qi, which was diffuse in front, but still failed to stop Fang Yang\’s palm strength. When the fire slurry hit the body, the evil spirit in front of the black tower immediately dispersed without a trace. The whole person was patted heavily by this palm strength. Heita\’s body was smashed to the ground, and the surging fire slurry completely swallowed him. But before Fang Yang showed a reassuring look, he suddenly heard a roar like a fierce beast, and then a black tornado burst up. If you look up, you can see the body of the black tower exposed among the black clouds. The strong spirit of corpse and ghost is like armor on him. He holds a long gun and the black gas is cold. Just looking at the bearing and demeanor displayed on him at this time, he is not like any evil spirit in a dilemma for thousands of years, but more like a black armor general ready to go. Chapter 770 all living beings and ghosts ate Fang Yang\’s burning palm on the front of the black tower, but they didn\’t suffer any trauma. At this time, looking at his cold and high spirited body, Fang Yang\’s heart burst and his face sank a bit. At this time, his hands trembled slightly and gasped in a rough voice. More than 70% of the mysterious Qi in his body had been lost. The supplement of pure Yang Xuanqi is quite good. After all, on the intersection of dragon and tiger, Fang Yang has vortex assistance in his body, and his recovery ability is amazing. But the trouble is that Fang Yang\’s body can\’t carry it. Under the previous severe pain of breaking the soul, the loss of Fang Yang\’s physical strength and mind is so great that his whole body is weak now. Even though pure Yang Xuan Qi flows in the body, helping Fang Yang improve the power of flesh and blood, each operation will make the exhausted body more stimulated. Under such continuous action, Fang Yang\’s body has reached its limit. Now his hands trembled slightly, subconsciously clenching his hands, but he still couldn\’t calm the restlessness of the meridians. The mysterious Qi in his body keeps running, but Fang Yang\’s body is like a broken dam. Once such vigorous mysterious Qi flows down, even if it can rush out smoothly, it will cause great damage to the dam. The body of the black tower is covered with armor, which is majestic. The armor condensed by the black evil spirit is cold. You can know the power of this thing only from the slightest cold revealed above. Heita, it\’s completely serious! He can also see that Fang Yang is not a guy who can deal with it easily. Pure Yang\’s Xuanqi is just as strong as Yang, and there is still a need to restrain the evil spirit Qi. Although I don\’t know why this guy is so embarrassed in front of me. It\’s obvious that he has fought a great war and can\’t exert his full strength, since he has such an opportunity, heita will never miss it.

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