Shen Ling nodded.

\”As long as you enter it, you can enter the ancient land and get infinite treasures!\” Liao Xingwen laughed and couldn\’t bear it any longer. He took a deep breath and jumped with his feet. His fat body fell heavily into the lake like a huge stone. With a dull sound and splashing water, Liao Xingwen\’s body sank directly and deeply into the lake. The lake was clear. As soon as he entered, he felt cold all over. But the next moment, Liao Xingwen\’s mind continued to focus on the interior of the lake. They had come to the lake before, and the reason why they didn\’t find any clues at that time was that they didn\’t fall into the bottom! Only through the lake and into the bottom can we find the real location of the sealed land! Liao Xingwen tried his best to sink and went to the bottom of the lake. The surface of the lake seems clear to the bottom. It seems that the bottom is not very deep, but only when you really go deep into it can you feel the depth of the lake. Liao Xingwen only felt that he seemed to have sunk in the lake for several hours, but he just couldn\’t find the bottom. His cheeks rose red, then purple, then pale. He doesn\’t have dragon power to protect himself now. He can\’t even breathe. Even under the refining of dragon power, his flesh and blood are different from ordinary people, and his endurance is much stronger than that of ordinary people, but he can\’t stop breathing. Just when Liao Xingwen\’s consciousness was a little vague, he desperately waved his hands and feet to struggle. In a hazy way, it seemed that a light appeared in front of his eyes. Liao Xingwen felt his whole body warm and fainted the next moment. The rustle of gravel trembled and smoke filled the air. Zhan Lingshui and WAN Sen stood far away. When they saw the ruins and rubble of the towering mountains in front of them, they both looked dull. If it collapses, how is it possible? What is living in Sima Xiangshan? Is it a beast? Why is it so terrible. And Fang Yang is still there! \”Fang Yang!\” Zhan Lingshui was pale. Jiao drank and wanted to rush up to save Fang Yang. He has just been robbed by thunder. He must be very weak. He collapsed this time, but is Fang Yang still able to break free from it? Sima Xiangshan sneered: \”now, I see what you can do!!\”

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