Shen Ling sighed in her heart.

Can anyone give her a look? Li Siyu thinks she has a good reputation and no temper. Everyone thinks she is easy to bully. Back to the office, Zhang Xuewen arrived early. They said hello and began to work. Towards noon, Zhang Xuewen called her. \”How\’s your nephew doing recently?\” Li Siyu was surprised that he suddenly mentioned Li Chengcai. After all, her nephew is just a temporary worker. And Li Siyu doesn\’t think he can let the leaders pay so much attention. \”OK.\” Li Siyu can only listen to what he said. Zhang Xuewen nodded and then said, \”the purchasing department may be invalidated recently. The above instructions come down, which is not very good.\” Li Siyu heard it for the first time and didn\’t know what the situation was. \”Do all their temporary workers have to be dismissed?\” Zhang Xuewen nodded. \”Well, the formal workers are transferred directly, and the temporary workers may have to be dismissed.\” chapter 93 came back. Li Siyu frowned slightly when he heard Zhang Xuewen\’s words. I really didn\’t expect the purchasing department to be so yellow. Li Chengcai has worked for only one month. How can he be transferred after just one month. \”Deputy mine manager Zhang, can you make him a regular?\” this still needs to be fought for. After all, it\’s hard to find a job again. If you don\’t put him in front of you, there may be no underpants left to be bullied. Zhang Xuewen also thought so. He nodded. \”I originally proposed him to come here. It is necessary to become a regular worker, but now there is no free space in the mine, and some are hard.\” where is Li Siyu afraid of his hard work?

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