Some young people also said, sister, I really saw the legendary goblins.

Secretary Qiu saw Li Siyu here and thought about it. It seemed that he didn\’t assign her a job. But she has her own business to do, and she doesn\’t keep idle people in the office. Ignoring Li Siyu, Secretary Qiu got up and went to the vice mayor\’s office with the documents. \”Vice Mayor Cao.\” seeing Secretary Qiu coming, Cao Zhiqun smiled and nodded, \”how are you coming back?\” Secretary Qiu sighed and whispered, \”Vice Mayor Cao, we all know the documents in the province, but it is really difficult in urban construction. But everyone agreed that we should listen to the opinions of leaders and strive to build.\” Cao Zhiqun couldn\’t help frowning, \”It\’s not difficult, it\’s too difficult.\” Chapter 155 is an important thing. This urban construction is also a very important task. All municipal departments are discussing this case and set up a special group. \”Let\’s see this again. The mayor is also preparing. Let\’s see what they say first.\” Vice Mayor Cao decided to wait and see first. After all, this time, we should be more cautious than before. Secretary Qiu also thought that there was no need to worry. He looked at it first, so he didn\’t speak out about Vice Mayor Cao\’s decision. \”This is the document. Take a look. I\’ll go back first.\” Secretary Qiu handed the document to Cao Zhiqun, and then turned and went out. Instead of going back to the office, he went to the Secretary\’s room on the first floor. \”Xing Chen, come out.\” Secretary Qiu knocked on the door, then opened the door and shouted. Xing Chen took the document in his hand, saw Secretary Qiu, and then went out with him. The two went to the small garden in the yard and sat down. Xing Chen took out his cigarette and handed it to Secretary Qiu. The two men puffed and sat for a minute without anyone talking. Xing Chen stamped out the cigarette butts and threw them into the trash can. He turned his head and said, \”how\’s it going? I heard that none of you entered the group?\” Secretary Qiu glanced at him and threw the cigarette butts into the trash can. \”Oh, don\’t mention it. Except me, Secretary Niu is a nerd in our secretary room. How can anyone enter? If I leave, it will be difficult for Vice Mayor Cao to rectify.\” this cognition makes Secretary Qiu helpless. Secretary Niu is unreliable at all, and the literary secretary who leaves is not good. Now in addition to him and Niu secretary, the new Xiao Li is not competent at all.

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