However, at this time, Mu Zhao just returned to his mind. Looking at the white memorials, ink dots had dropped, and the words on them were a little blurred. He simply put down the pen and threw the memorials aside.

In those days, Zhang Chaoyue of the brigade leader\’s family was also a college student, but she was from the city, which had been a great event for the population of the brigade. Li Siyu thought that it was hard to go to school before the original owner, which slowed down. Why was Zhang Yuemei so surprised? She said calmly \”Sister-in-law, you know, it\’s hard to mix work now. I learned after working for so long that I have a limited way to go without a degree. In order to have a better job in the future and be promoted to talent, I decided to go to college. When I have a degree and find a better job in the future, my family will have a bright face.\” Zhang Yuemei didn\’t understand what she said. But she understood one thing, that is, her sister-in-law will have a better job in the future, and she can promote talents. She knew Li Siyu\’s ability. If she didn\’t have the ability, how could Chengcai become a regular worker in the transportation team? Now I still hear Li Chengcai say that she might also be a driver in the future It\’s a truck. That\’s so powerful. She hasn\’t seen many drivers for so many years, and her son is going to drive on. \”Ah\” Zhang Yuemei thinks that there\’s nothing wrong with her elderly wife. She used to live together. Not to mention Li Siyu\’s money and food. What can she say? Now she can move to the city, and her son eats commercial food, so she can do anything. \”OK, I agree. It\’s important for you to go to school. After all, people who want to do big things in the future can\’t be tripped by these small things.\” Zhang Yuemei said that she was reasonable and felt very reasonable. Li Siyu doesn\’t care about her flowers on her mouth. Anyway, as long as she can take care of the old lady wholeheartedly, it\’s better than anything. \”Sister-in-law, if the old lady wants to eat anything, you can buy it for her. I spend the money. If she is ill, she will also be sent to the hospital. I spend the money.\” Li Siyu is afraid that she will be reluctant to spend money and let the old lady be wronged. Zhang Yuemei naturally nods repeatedly. Now her sister-in-law is more and more promising, and she is expected to take care of her family in the future. Now that the old lady is back, what good things can she do in the future? \”Don\’t worry, I can\’t take good care of her, and your big brother. Can\’t you trust your big brother?\” For the first time, Zhang Yuemei thought that her man\’s foolish filial piety was such a good thing. Li Siyu saw that she was really sincere. No matter what it was for, she was very satisfied. She could satisfy Zhang Yuemei with some material things. As long as she could take good care of the old lady, she really didn\’t care. Li Siyu didn\’t eat here at noon, but went to see director Zheng. \”It\’s a good thing to go to college.\” director Zheng has a sincere smile on his face. \”Thank you for director Zheng\’s help. In the future, I will study hard and continue to serve the people.\” Li Siyu knows that my future work must follow the flow.

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