Wen Yan Shen Xian also blamed why he was not cruel at the beginning.

He went to clean up all the mess on the table and began to wash the dishes. When he finished cleaning up, it was already more than ten o\’clock. He covered Li Siyu\’s quilt, and Lin Cheng found another quilt. Then he lay next to her and watched her sleeping face in the moonlight. Peng lingman, who had just sent Liu Chengxue to the other side, went to Xing Chen unconsciously in his car He lived with his parents and his brother, sister-in-law and brother. The family lived in a separate small yard. Peng lingman parked the car and stood at the door. She didn\’t know what she was thinking. At this time, the sound of a bicycle sounded behind her. She looked back. It was Xing Chen who had just come back. \”Why are you here? Why don\’t you go back so late.\” Xing Chen saw that she was standing here. When she approached, she smelled a strong smell of wine. \”Have you been drinking?\” he asked with a frown. Peng lingman didn\’t know why he had just come back. He heard a series of his questions and didn\’t answer them. He stood there staring at him. \”What\’s the matter with you?\” Xing Chen asked when he saw something wrong with her. \”It\’s all right.\” Peng lingman pursed his lips and said only two words. There were thousands of sufferings in her heart, but only two words. \”Where did you drink the wine?\” \”Li Gan\’s home.\” \”Li officer? Li Siyu?\” Xing Chen immediately understood what was going on. What were they aware of and started from Peng lingman? \”What did you say.\” He asked again. Seeing his cautious appearance, Peng lingman couldn\’t help sneering: \”do you need it? I drink more, do you think I\’ll betray you?\” Xing Chen was stunned by her words, and he didn\’t mean that, \”what are you talking about?\” \”OK!\” Peng lingman couldn\’t help crying: \”I don\’t have much effect now, let\’s break up!\” She has had enough. She thinks Xing Chen is just using her. Peng lingman has never felt any concern about two people getting along. He only talks about work every day. \”What are you doing?\” Xing Chen frowns unhappily.

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