The entrance is a huge head, covered with mottled scales, a pair of copper bell-big eyes are full of curiosity, and on its towering nose, there is a blue unicorn, head The Ministry was slightly tilted, just like that, Shanghai stared at this weird behemoth for a moment.

My own soul came out of the body…Shanghai has an incredible face. This is the first time he has encountered such a situation, but it feels good. It seems that there is not much wrong. It is the soul power, which is being consumed a little bit. After floating for a few times, he feels The mind is very exhausting.How to go back?Shanghai out……Mind and consciousness shuttled back and forth again. After a while, Shanghai\’s main body revived, with surprise and surprise in his eyes. It was weird that his soul could emerge from the body, but it did not seem to be a bad thing. At that time, he saw different things with the \”eyes\” of his soul.This is an empty space, empty and boundless, it is difficult to see the end, but in the soul, he has seen some peculiar changes, and these changes are like a real road, you must use the soul to see clearly, the body The eye is indistinguishable.As for where the secret road leads, Shanghai doesn\’t know. He guessed that he should still be in the city of God, but he was trapped in a special area.Anyway, there is an open space around me, I don\’t know where to go, just follow the path that the soul can see… Shanghai Xin said.Just do what you think, and Shanghai walks forward according to the road it sees.After walking for a while, the space gradually became distorted. Shanghai paused for a while, and then moved on after making sure that there was no danger.In the distorted space, a series of divine patterns appeared, and the power contained in each divine pattern was much stronger than that seen in the city of God in Shanghai. Fortunately, these divine patterns were sealed, otherwise it would explode once touched. , He couldn\’t bear it even if it was one.The god patterns are getting more and more dense.The distorted space became gradually stable. At this time, the god patterns in the front formed a variety of peculiar runes, intertwined, and gradually turned into a multi-faceted special pattern, like a secret room composed of god patterns. Similar.Immediately!The dazzling white light flashed, and the secret room composed of the gods disappeared, replaced by giant spheres, which contained a series of silent figures. Each of these figures contained monstrous power, even if they did not move. People have a feeling of breaking Hongyu.these are……Shanghai stared at the movies of those people. There was no vitality. Obviously, they weren\’t real people, but they seemed to be surviving shadows.Looking at these spheres, the lines above are extremely ancient, seeming to have been passed down from ancient times, and in these spheres, there is still light shining, which looks like liquid, and the power contained in these liquids is even more amazing.Shanghai pondered for a moment. He walked towards the weakest sphere. The moment he reached out to touch the sphere, the whole sphere suddenly disappeared.

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