It\’s no wonder that no one knows that he has entered the Devouring Secret Realm that he cannot leave, no matter how good his mentality is, he can\’t take it lightly.

after all!Five years have passed.These five years are nothing to cultivators, but they are enough to change a lot of things. If the spirits and spirits are destroyed within these five years…No, grandpa and they must still be alive. Shanghai comforted himself.As he was about to move on, he suddenly noticed that a faint aura was rushing in front of him, followed by the aura of six powerful star realm experts.Five hundred miles away from here.A young descendant of a blood-stained Protoss holding a broken spear, ran away desperately, and the six powerful stars behind him clung to it.Run, keep running.See how far you can run?You have been injured, and you can\’t run far at all. If you continue to run, it will be dead. It will be dead anyway. Just stop and we will give you a good time. The strong star of the star realm said while chasing behind.Huhu…This young descendant\’s breathing became more and more rapid, and his face became paler. As he rushed along the road, his injuries became more and more serious, and his speed gradually slowed down.suddenly!The two powerhouses of the vast star realm swiftly accelerated, and jumped over, blocking the young descendant\’s front, and the other four people surrounded him one after another, blocking him in the middle.The descendants of the besieged Protoss showed despair in their expressions.After two days of escaping, I used many teleportation formations in a row, but I didn’t expect to be able to escape. I gritted my teeth and raised the broken spear. Since I can’t escape, I will fight again. One or two should be used as a back out……The broken spear stabbed out.Arc Moon is in the air!A round and a half appeared, it was a ninth-rank mid-level magic skill, and under the display of the young descendants, it opened a rift in the void.

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