Haoer! The second elder and others walked over with a smile.Second Grandpa! Third Grandpa… Shanghai bowed his hand.No need to be polite.The second elder hurriedly raised his hand and said with a smile: \”Listening to you today is worth my thousands of years of cultivation!\” As he spoke, his face was filled with relief.The second grandfather is absurdly praised.Your second grandfather is telling the truth. If it weren\’t for listening to your cultivation experience today, I am afraid it would take hundreds of years to understand the doubts buried in my heart. Compared with the experience you said today, When I waited for the so-called point to be raised in the past, I really misled many children. The third elder said later, he couldn\’t help but feel ashamed.Because there are some things they didn\’t fully understand, if they were taught this way, the children of future generations would definitely sink deeper and deeper along this path.The things that Shanghai talked about today, although they are the foundation, have made everyone realize that they may not be able to improve for the time being, but for all the children of the spirit and god line, it is a great thing, because they will be before the realm of the holy master. There will not be too much confusion, and many detours can be avoided.These potential things, but a huge treasure, can\’t be exchanged for any heaven, earth, gods, or cultivation ground.The second elders and others also understood why Shanghai is so strong, apart from personal encounters, and that solid foundation, this is the most critical place.While talking happily, the expression of the second elder was slightly stagnant, and everyone noticed that the expression of the second elder was different, and could not help but stop the conversation.Second brother, what\’s the matter?Big Brother is awake! The second elder said with joy.Big brother awake?The three elders and others were overjoyed. Ever since Ling Zhantian was in a coma, they were all worried about whether he could wake up. Now that he wakes up, this is a good thing.Grandpa is awake… Shanghai and others were also full of joy.Let\’s go over and meet Big Brother. The third elder suggested.Do not!The second elder waved his hand and said: \”The eldest brother just gave me a message to let Hao\’er go to see him alone. As for the rest of the people, don\’t bother to go there for the time being.\”Grandpa wants to see me? Shanghai was startled slightly.

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